Pūrākaunui School
One Waka. One Crew. Many Journeys.

About Pūrākaunui School

Our first priority is to support the learning of literacy and numeracy, but we extend this in many ways. 

Much basic learning is integrated through broad themes each term.  Children lead the exploration of these themes through inquiry learning. Fitness and physical activity are encouraged through:

  • Daily fitness sessions
  • Organised sports, e.g. soccer, athletics
  • Special lessons, e.g. sailing, rock-climbing, surf lifesaving

The Arts are explored by:

  • Working annually with a local resident artist in Port Chalmers
  • Kapa haka on our outdoor stage
  • Regular concerts with rotating hire instruments (e.g. marimba, ukulele)
  • Weekly visual art lessons
  • Senior crafts, e.g. knitting, clay work
  • Whole school involvement in large scale productions such as 'Stars on Stage', Kapa Haka Festival and Wearable Arts
  • Music, singing, aerobics, dance
  • Drama as part of literacy

All children learn Māori throughout the school from Year 1.

Our senior students are offered extra challenges, for example:

  • PALs (Playground Activity Leader) training for Year 5 and up
  • Student leadership EOTC days combined with Waitati School for Year 6 and up
  • Science badge award
  • Weekly trips to town for technology for Year 8
  • Extra homework!

Education outside the classroom is vital!

  • We are proud to be an Enviroschool and are always running several projects in our garden and grounds.
  • We organise frequent trips and visits to complement our classroom study.
  • Annual whole school camp 
  • We use our beautiful local environment for learning opportunities as often as possible.  Activities range from our Friday walks down Mihiwaka Station Road, to whole term themes such as 'The Inlet'.

As teachers we take special care to get to know each child and family.  With small class sizes we are able to gain intimate insights into every child's behaviour and learning needs.

We truly believe Pūrākaunui School can give your child the best a primary education can offer.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Teaching Timetable​​​​​​​