Coaches and Managers Always Wanted

With teams over lots of codes at Rosehill, it is vital that we have parent and community involvement with coaching and managing teams. If parents/ caregivers can help out please contact the Sports Office directly.

Sports Uniform

Students in all teams will be issued uniforms, which are to be returned at the end of the season (except for socks). Uniform requirements are listed under each code and are non-negotiable and must be worn correctly. If a player is on the sideline they cannot wear mufti jackets or hoodies. They must wear either the sports uniform with a school jacket or the school tracksuit.

The Sports Department will be using Accessit this year in regards to the issuing of uniform items out to students. Each Rosehill student will have an account on this programme linked to their student ID and may already be familiar with it as the Library has used it during 2016. As a student is issued with sports uniform each item will be scanned onto their account and then scanned off once it is returned. This is possible due to every item having a numbered barcode that matches the number on their playing strip shirt or the number drawn on the shorts. It will be important for the student to return the number they were originally issued so that the item does get scanned off their account. Students will be able to view their accounts to see what items they have and what is still outstanding at the end of the year. It will be key for all students playing in a team and receiving uniform to have their student ID card on them at the time of collection, so keep this in mind for later in the term.

Signmee Communication Tool

Signmee is a new communication tool that the Sports Department is currently trialling with the hope of using it permanently. It allows our Sports Staff to generate an online permission slip catered to each sport or activity which is then emailed home and can be signed online in your own Signmee account.

-When your child is selected for a team you will be sent your first permission slip to your email address and be asked to create a log in with a password for Signmee.

-You will then be able to view your Signmee inbox and any permission slips may be opened and filled in from here.

-It is important to note that all fields must be filled in, even with an NA if required, before you can complete the form.

-To sign permission the parent must re-enter their Signmee password into the box at the bottom and this notifies the sports department that your child is good to go.

Please read a more detailed description of how Signmee works by following this link http://bit.ly/2kIzzyC​​​​​​​

Sporting Achievements

Rosehill recognises all sporting achievements of its students. The Sports and PE departments generally hear of such successes, but there are some students who reach representative status outside of the school’s domain, particularly in minor codes, which we don’t know about. We need you to tell us about students achievements

Premier Sports Awards

This is an annual event held to celebrate the school’s sporting success, which includes the presenting of School Sports Awards and Trophies, Sportsman and Woman, Team of the Year and Sporting Excellence. The night is for students who have participated in premier teams, along with coaches, Rosehill staff members and parents of those students receiving an award. There is a cost for this and all Premier teams members are expected to attend.


Each year a number of our premier teams go to tournament. These teams are Basketball, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby League, Rowing. Junior teams do not go to tournament and so every first team is open to juniors who have the ability to play at that level.

Tournaments usually cost between $300 and $600 per student, depending on the location.

We encourage students to be proactive in their raising of funds for these trips early on in the season. Deposits will be charged to the Premier team members once teams have been named, and will be due by the end of term 2.​​​​​​​

Contact Us

Saua Leaupeptele
​​​​​​​Director of Sports
[email protected]

Hamish Fraser 
Sports Co-ordinators
​​​​​​​[email protected]

Jarrod Mealings
Sports Co-ordinators
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Sports Office Phone: 09 295 0661