The South Canterbury Motorcycle Club was founded in 1909 and is New Zealand’s 2nd oldest motorcycle club. Since its inception the South Canterbury Motorcycle Club (SCMCC) has been active in all aspects of motorcycling with an emphasis on organized motorcycle sport.

During its 100 years in operation the club has run a wide variety of road, off-road, social and road circuit events having hosted  rounds of the National Motocross, National Supercross and National Road Race Series.

The clubs current membership is very strong in Motocross and off-road racing, holding regular club days on the 2nd Sunday of each month at various tracks around South Canterbury. The SCMCC has access via our members and many local farmers to some of the best tracks and terrain, allowing a wide variety of events.
Re-introduced recently was the return of the Caroline Bay Beach Race & Hill Climb event.

The club provides Motocross events suitable for riders of all abilities, from novices right through to the hard core motocross racer. The club takes pride in its family friendly atmosphere and relaxed environment and puts a particular focus upon developing our mini and junior riders.

The SCMCC is proud to be associated with Motorcycling New Zealand Inc and supports motorcycling safety and the promotion of motorcycling across all disciplines.

The SCMCC have a permanent home with our own club rooms located in 74 Harper Street, Timaru.

The SCMCC Committee meet at the club rooms on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm and all members are encouraged to attend and become involved.

If you would like to be kept informed of the dates, events & the latest information, please go to the home page click on 'Email me notices' beside the Newsletter heading and receive updates as released.

President: Clayton Lucas
Vice President: Matt Rogers
Club Captain: Position vacant
SecretaryRobert Chapman
Treasurer:  Adele May
Road Race Coordinator: Adrian Williams & Paul Fisher
Motocross Coordinator:  Ken Caird
Junior Motocross Coordinator: Edan Brookland
Mini Motocross Coordinator: Michael Dunn & Adam Bell
Offroad Training Coordinator: Noel May
Road Training Coordinator: Paul Fisher