Our History

Our legacy is the brainchild of Jekope Ramala Maiono and the Pacific Island youths living in Dunedin, the Seafarers 7’s Rugby was established 3 years ago.

For the love of the game of 7’s rugby, the Seafarers 7’s Rugby club idea was originated.

Our team was formed after considerable dialogue and research. Later, It was found that there is a lack of sevens rugby played in Dunedin. As a result of tremendous support and interest of participation shown by the Pacific Island Youths studying at the Otago University at that time led to the birth of Seafarers 7’s Rugby Club.

 “Seafarers” is derived from the original inhabitants of the world. The name Seafarers represents both the Past and the Present. It is the story about our ancestors who paved the way to New Zealand with struggle so that we could have opportunities to have a better future. It is also an account of all of us living in New Zealand, who came in later years. Thus, we believe our team embodies the habits of a Seafarer signifying that we have come from different nations to one nation and to this wonderful city of Dunedin, which is now our home.

Our team logo is an Albatross; a unique bird which is native to Dunedin and can soar thousands of miles across the sky, this is a true symbol of the tale mentioned above which is an analogy related to the Seafarers.

Our team colours are Blue, Yellow, Green and white; which represents Otago.

The colour Blue is representing the Sky and the Ocean. This also signifies infinity and that there is no limit for our success in this beautiful journey of life.

Green is about the mother earth our beautiful planet that never should be forgotten and yellow is light, symbolic to the sun, where Seafarers must always shine to show pathways to players and to the human race.

Finally White is about dignity, respect, integrity and honesty. It is symbolic to being sustainable, and ethical in all spheres of life, and we believe a Seafarer dress in these colours’’ must be an exemplary both on and off the field.