Soixante Neuf 69ers WAGS (SNWAGS)


We are a club who have come together under a shared set of values that align directly with our husband’s, partners and boyfriend’s rugby team – Soixante Neuf (69ers).

Created by the Wives and Girlfriends, this netball club is a subsidiary of our growing 69er sporting community.


Our main values as a club are as follows:

· To be respectful – Players, Coaches, Referees and Supporters

· To play the game to the best of your ability – Heart, Mind, Body

· To support one another – Players, Whānau (Family)


We have several areas that we are focusing on at this stage:

· To build a culture that is welcoming, family friendly, diverse and supportive

· To increase the skills and knowledge of players through effective and pro-active coaching

· To be sustainable by promoting membership and encourage participation from players at all levels


Players understand that they must comply with the following, when representing our Club:

· Respect the game, play fairly and follow its rules and regulations

· Show respect for officials and volunteers

· Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during and after games

· Be courteous to opposing teams

· Be modest when successful and gracious in defeat

· Correct playing uniform is required and fees are paid on time