Club Policies & Notices
Speedway is a dangerous sport and people attending do so at their own risk.  Any person having any connection whatsoever with the Rotorua Stockcar Club Inc is absolved from any liability arising out of accidents or negligence caused to any persons or their property under any circumstances before, during and after a speedway meeting.  The organizers/promoters reserve the right to make alterations to the programme and the right to refuse admission, or to remove any persons for whatever reason from the premises.

Should a meeting be abandoned before 6 races have been completed a ticket holder will be admitted to the re-run meeting or a meeting of the same value during the current season.  Under No Circumstances will money be refunded.  A Rainout Pass will be issued with the purchase of your ticket, this ticket must be retained and presented for entry to the re-run meeting.

Under no circumstances are spectators permitted in the pits during the meeting.

Cameras and video equipment are permitted in the stadium FOR YOUR PRIVATE USE ONLY. You are NOT to make any images or footage available to any other person by any means for any purpose whatsoever.

Drones are not permitted on or over the property without the explicit written permission of the RSCC committee.