The Rugby Southland Pathways Programme is a comprehensive initiative aimed at identifying and developing the future talents of rugby in Southland. The programme is designed to provide young players with a clear pathway to the next level of the sport and even professional rugby, both in Southland and beyond. 

Pathways Manager, Scott Eade, works closely with professional teams such as the SBS Bank Southland Stags and the Highlanders Super Rugby Team to provide a well-rounded development experience for the players.

The Rugby Southland Pathways Programme is structured to provide young players with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the sport. Through a combination of coaching, training, and game experience, the programme helps players improve their physical, technical, and tactical abilities. In addition, the programme also places a strong emphasis on character development, ensuring that players are equipped with the values and mindset needed to succeed both on and off the field. The end goal of the Rugby Southland Pathways Programme is to create a pipeline of talented players who can progress to the next level and eventually represent Southland at the professional level.

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