We are a community-based club. 

All new and returning players are welcome.

Club History

The club was founded on 18 January 1949 with an established committee of 8 persons including the club's first Life Member - J V Hipkins, followed by a further meeting with prospective players prior to the 1st Annual General Meeting on 28 March 1949.

We started with 1 team in the Junior 2nd Grade growing to 4 teams by 1964 (25 years).  In 1965 the club gained "Senior" status in the Senior 3rd Grade and between them and the 1989 seasons (25 years), the club grew in size averaging 8-10 teams per year with the top team in either Senior 3rd or Senior 2nd Grade.

This increase in team numbers was in line with the general population growth of the valley.  In this period the club also attracted Senior 1st players from other clubs notably Peter Delabaca from MSP, Jack Seymour from Petone and Jimmy Brown from Petone.

In the 1990 and 1991 seasons, the club was at its zenith with 11 teams and the Senior 2nd team winning promotion against University to the top WRFU grade Senior 1sts in 1991.
This grade became Premier Grade in 1992 with the club holding Premier status for 4 seasons.

Since that time team numbers have decreased to averaging 6 teams per season with the top team in Senior 1st grade except the 2000 and 2001 seasons when the club played in the Senior 2nd grade. Throughout the years the club has won a number of WRFU trophies ranging from Under 17 grade in 1971 to Senior 1st Ed Chaney Cup in 2008 including playing for the Hardham Cup in 1993.

Over the years the club's premises situated at Delaney Park have moved and improved, initially situated in the "Tin Hutt" on Stokes Valley Road, then moved to the new gymnasium built by volunteer labour in 1964 and the opening of the present lounge on George Street in 1978.

Life Members

Between 1956 and 2007, 15 members have been elected as Life Members - 7 of whom are now deceased.  A number of members have also been elected to WRFU positions including the Management Committee and Vice President of the union.

Traditional matches

Snow Buchanan Memorial Trophy:
Rimutaka vs Stokes Valley

Norman Patterson Cup:
HOBM vs Stokes Valley