Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is written to ensure all club members are aware of Suburbs Rugby’s expectations of them.  We are committed to providing an inviting club where family, young and old, can enjoy and be challenged in netball and encourage the next generation to love it also! We need everyone to play their part for this to happen.

All language is to be of a positive and encouraging nature when at the netball courts and clubrooms.

Respect all referees decisions during games.  If there is any concerns send a representative to the office during the game.

Your netball uniform must be worn tidily and correctly at all times.

Any non-uniform item is not to be worn unless it is an approved item. Eg: Black long top.

All netball uniforms must be returned on the last game of the season in good condition.  You will accept responsibility for paying for your uniform if it is lost or is in a poor condition on returning.

Any concerns or complaints regarding players, coaches, committee members, other teams, or the Christchurch netball Centre should be firstly taken up with the person concerned.  If an agreement is not reached the Captain, Coach or Club Captain should be approached to help resolve the matter.  If it is still not resolved a letter of complaint should be forwarded to the Suburbs Rugby Netball President or Secretary who will take the appropriate actions and follow up with a written reply.

As members of Suburbs Rugby Netball Club we are expected to project a positive view our club in any discussions with others.

Look after and respect the Suburbs Rugby Clubrooms.  Help to clean up if necessary at club events.

Behaviours that reflect badly on Suburbs Rugby Club will not be tolerated.