​​​​​​​Venue:  Mitre 10 Park Hawke's Bay

​​​​​​​MANAGERS MEETING - 9:15am at the Ki O Rahi Feilds 

1.    Students competing must be enrolled full-time in the school they are representing.

2.    Students competing must be Year 6.  Only those schools that do not have a big enough roll to make up a whole team out of Year 6 Students may include year 5 students from their school.

3.    Students may compete in more than one code; however, timetable allowances will not be made for any competitors.  

4.    If a student enters more than one code they will only receive one free registration gift rather than one  for each code.


A traditional maori sport which includes many of the skills that are required for all sports.  Below is some basic informatlion. Follow this link for more information on Rules: https://tinyurl.com/y82n57t9

Team Entry

Teams = minimum 12, maximum 16

Players per team = 8 on the field female and male mix.

Game Time

Length of game determined by amount of team entries

  • 4 quarters. 30 second turn around between quarters
  • No injury time, substitution can be made straight away
  • Officials are able to stop a game in mid-play if needed


Can only happen during the  quarter breaks

Injury substitutions can happen when appropriate


You will be required to supply your own belts and tags for the tournament. 


​​​​​​​FIRST AID

Staff/Parents are required to have their own first aid kit for their teams.  This kit should also include ice and strapping tape.  If you have teams at more than one sporting code venue you will need to bring a first aid kit for each venue.


Schools will be required to pay the registration fee per school using the Sportsground website – online registration link.

Please complete this form to secure your place in the competition and pay for your teams/ individuals.

Once you have registered your team/s you will not have to register any names.  This will enable you to get your teams ready with lots of time to find replacements for sick children or make any other changes required.  Y

Payment will be able to be made on line via a credit card or direct debit you will be given the opportunity to request an invoice.  In this case, your registration will not be confirmed until payment has been made.  Please remember that there are limited spaces for the sports being offered.

There will be NO LATE REGISTRATIONS available after the closing date. There will be NO REFUNDS for children/teams withdrawing after this date.- Please note that there should be only one ‘Super Sixes’ Coordinator per school.  This person will be responsible for all entries for the whole ‘Super Sixes’ competition.  There should be only one registration per school at this first entry portal. 

In the event of there not being enough registrations for a sporting code to run an acceptable competition, you will be contacted and your money will be refunded or an alternative sporting code may be offered.