Youth Boys/Players for 2024/25 season

Youth Boys U15 - player is under 15 on 1 April 2024      

Subscription:                 $130.00                

Full Season 

Eligible to play U15 Summer Series (Club of Origin), Mid-Week T20 (post Xmas) and any Saturday games, (ACA tournament games or TDCC friendlies) during school holidays.

Includes any games under this age and stage for TDCC during the season.

Subject to availability of games and selections.

Please use Junior Registration Form


Youth Boys U17 - player is under 17 on 1 April 2024

Subscription:                  $130.00                

Full Season        

Eligible to play U17 Summer Series (Club of Origin), Mid-Week T20 (post Xmas) and any Saturday games (ACA tournament or TDCC friendlies) during school holidays.

Includes any games under this age and stage and U23 games for TDCC during the season.

Subject to selection and availability of games.

Please use Senior Registration Form


Youth U19 (part time) - player is under 19 on 1 April 2024        

(Please use Senior Registration Form)

Subscription:                   $130.00

Part time - Full Season        ​​​​​​​

U23 (during school holidays) and any Saturday games and Sunday T20 (ACA tournament or TDCC friendlies) when available. 

Includes all post Xmas games for school leavers and Xmas holiday games for School and University players.

Subject to selection and availability of games.​​​​​​​

Age Group Range - Youth Boys and Girls - 2024/25 season

Grade  Birthday Range
Girls U16 Under 16 on 1 April 2024
Youth U13 Under 13 on 1 April 2024
Youth Boys U15 Under 15 on 1 April 2024
Youth Boys U17 Under 17 on 1 April 2024
Youth U19Under 19 on 1 April 2024

 ACA TDCC Boys Mid-Week T20 (Wednesdays) – 2024/25

ACA affiliated tournament and with ACA official status


Player Age Groups:

Junior tournament: Y8 - Y10

Senior tournament: Y11 - Y13

Games played at Onewa Domain # 2, Rosmini College 1 and 2, TNIS and Beecroft Park

Start Times:

Junior tournament: 5.30pm

Senior tournament: 5pm

Proposed Dates: - to be upated for 2024/2025 season

Pre-Xmas 22nd & 29 Nov and 6th & 13th Dec 2023

Post-Xmas 21st & 28th Feb and 6th & 13th Mar 2024

Playing Conditions:

  • Number of Players: Maximum 10 players on the field/can bat.
  • Designated batsman/bowler policy can be used up to two players, per game.
  • Maximum Innings Length 20 overs Pitch LengthFull Pitch.
  • Boundary Size Full Boundaries.
  • Exclusion Zone No player can be within 10m of the batter except for the wicket-keeper and regulation slips fielding positions.
  • At no time can more than 5 players be on the boundary.No power plays.
  • Bowlers Run Ups - No restrictions.
  • Maximum Overs Bowling 4 overs a game, 2 overs per spell
  • Minimum Overs Bowling - None.
  • Maximum Balls Batting 30 balls including any wides/no balls Batting Grace Period None.
  • Maximum Balls Per Over 6 balls maximum except last over which is unlimited.
  • No Balls, no free hits.
  • LBW, Stumping Yes
  • Bowling from one end
  • No official drinks break
  • Result Occurs The team batting 2nd wins when they score more runs than the 1st team
  • The team fielding second wins when they bowl out the team batting second for less runs than they scored, or the overs are completed with the team batting second scoring less runs.
  • Who can Umpire – Players. Coaches can umpire if there are no other options.
  • Umpires must not give game advice to players, however, encourage to speed up play
  • Match ball – Kookaburra Crown 156g Pink (1 ball for two games). Teams to provide their own match balls.
  • Supporters shall not communicate with any players, other than to cheer them on.
  • Coaches/Managers are recommended to deliver any messages directly to players at an appropriate moment, however, this must not slow the game down.
  • No “yelling” instructions to players from the sidelines should occur.

Team entry details

Team entry fees:                    $250 per term

Team list to be sent before the start of the tournament to [email protected]

Tournament director: Amita Weerakoon, Ph. 027 336 3363

Youth Players

Welcome to the 2024/2025 cricket season.

Regis​​​​​​​trations will open in August 2024.


Senior Men's Chair
Andy Ross
[email protected]
021 490 467

Director of Cricket
Amita Weerakoon
[email protected]

Annual Hitchcock-Jones Shield festival games vs North Shore CC

All games held at Devonport Domain.

Date - tbc


TDCC Premier XI vs NSCC Premier XI - T20

TDCC Presidents XI vs NSCC Presidents XI - T20

TDCC Youth Boys (Y11-Y13) vs NSCC Youth Boys (Y11-Y13) - T20

TDCC Youth Girls U16 vs NSCC Youth Girls U16 - T20

TDCC Junior Boys (Y9-Y10) vs NSCC Junior Boys (Y9-Y10) - T20

Winner of the HJ Shield - best of five