WHY WE ARE​​​​​​​

Tasman Districts Hockey covers the Nelson, Marlborough, Buller and West Coast Districts. It is a coalition of associations born out of the need to provide greater opportunities for our senior players to be competitive at National Level. We are all small associations that look for opportunities to share resources and create pathways for our elite players, coaches and managers to make to National Level teams and beyond.


Tasman Districts is about creating a culture, opportunities, moments, memories, and friendships, a desire to represent our region at the highest level. These teams are important for the future of Hockey in our areas. They allow players to have visible pathways and to attend National Tournaments from which they then bring back skills and experiences to be shared with out wider hockey community. This fosters that growth of our sport in the regions.


The Tasman Districts alliance was born in 2012 and we have been building ever since. The Tigers have been medallists since they started. In 2012 and 2018 Silver, 2014-2017 Bornze and GOLD in 2019.

The Boars started in 2012 and have only missed one year since. They are getting stronger and stronger with each performance. ​​​​​​​