Getting Started in ClubSport

What is Clubsport?

ClubSport events are low key competitions, held usually on a road, circuit or paddock, where competitors compete against the clock for the time taken to complete the course. Run on a road course, gravel or sealed, which is predominantly uphill from start to finish. Cars may be started at intervals, provided no two(2) cars are on the same section of road between marshal points at any one time. Held by the TVCC club and run under MotorSport NZ ClubSport permit and regulations.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What Licence do I need?

With ClubSport advanced events competitors must either have an M Grade or higher grade licence. To obtain a M Grade licence, first you be a member of the TVCC. Once you have a current club membership, you’ll need to pass a simple M Grade licence test, and complete the licence application process through the Motorsport online system. It is possible purchase a temporary M Grade licence on the day for that event at documentation for $35. You will still have to be a member of the club. (see Club membership for details)

What safety clothing do I need?

It is up to each driver to find out and abide by MSNZ rules and regulations, including what clothing is required . These can be found by clicking the link below. Basically you need one of the MSNZ aproved helmets, MSNZ approved flame resistant race suit, MSNZ flame resistant long sleeved underwear and MSNZ approved boots. Contact one of the clubs commitee members if you would like to ask questions.

What sort of car can I use?

Any car (with or without a WOF) can be used for clubsport (unless it is stated otherwise before the event or a event is using public roads for touring back to the pits where a wof and reg is required). This includes your daily roadcar. Cars without a MSNZ logbook will be subject to scutineering at each event and must be in a roadworthy condition.  No motorbikes, go carts, or non MSNZ homoligated kit cars. If it is a modified racecar (ie.. rollcage, safety harnesses, race seats) it must have a MSNZ logbook and will have to follow the MSNZ requirements in the link below.

Some of this information may not be 100% accurate and is up to the driver to clarify. TVCC or myself (Mike) will not be held accountable for your ignorance.