Mountfort Park will be holding our 


31 May - 3 June  at the Manurewa Aquatic Centre

Entry cost of $800 per team 

​​​​​​​Enties close 10 May

Link to entry form 

Link to live draw:

Please email Richard if you have any questions​​​​​​​

Mountfort KBT Rules 2024


Teams must consist of minimum 8 and maximum to 11 players

Each team must include a mimum 3 girls (or 3 boys) at each game. Any team without this mimum can't medal.

All games are 6 aside and are to be played with 1 goalie and 5 field players.

In accordance with NZWP recommendations, all matches will be contested with a size 3 ball.

Players may only play in one team and in one grade over the tournament.

Games will be 2 x 7.5 min halves running clock.

There will be no in pool warm up time.

All grades will be played in a full sized pool.

The referee will stop the game half way through the first half at which time all the subs on the bench must enter the pool. This is the only subbing allowed in the first half.

During the second half, teams may sub as per normal rules.

No shots directly off fouls allowed.

No Time Outs allowed.

Exclusion time will be 20 seconds.

Draws at fulltime for Playoff & Qualifier games will be awarded to the team who went into the game ranked higher from pool play, if not possible, then by Penalties.

A and B Grade Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Medal matches will progress to penalties if the scores remain level at full time.

For C & NB Grade in event of a draw in a game where a result is required,  the highest ranked side coming that game will subsequently be declared the winner. 

2 points for a win. 1 point for a draw. 0 points for a loss.

*The Tournament organisers will consider exemptions to team eligibility rules, providing that they are made in writing prior before the tournament commenes.