Waimak United are pleased to present our Club Values to be introduced as of 2020. Our Club Values aim to provide a clear identity in terms of the football culture at Waimak United and will be adopted at every level by our players, coaches, volunteers, members and parents.

Our overall aim as a club is to provide an enjoyable football experience for all ages and all levels of ability whilst uniting all our members around a set of Club Values that represent not only Waimak United but the whole North Canterbury region;

Waimak United Club Values

We want all our players to be….






We explain the reasons for introducing the club values, saying “Our 5 club values will be present at every grade from next year so that parents know that when they bring their child to play football at Waimak United they are not only developing their football skills but also learning important people skills and character traits that will help them in later life. That’s the reason we all as parents want our children to play team sports, apart from the health and wellbeing benefits, its learning those key values that can be developed through sport. Elite level sport also now recognises how important these personal characteristics are to success at the highest level, all champions in every sport not only have the talent on the pitch needed to achieve but also demonstrate these types of values off the pitch. It’s fantastic that we as a club now have our club licence and can deliver NZF Talent Centres and Skill Centres for North Canterbury from 2020, which means we can provide the highest level of player development within NZ club level, but in my opinion the adoption of these club values are just as important for our football club. Our job is to ensure our values do not become just ‘buzzwords’ but actually mean something and are embedded and visible at all levels within the club. If we can help all our players to feel confident, be respectful, adaptable, hardworking and humble then we will be developing good people and have a club identity which we can be proud of, one that not only represents Waimak United but also the whole North Canterbury region.”


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