Hockey Wairarapa Coaching Resources

Smallsticks is the Hockey NZ categorisation for players aged 5 - 12 years old. 

Youth Hockey is the classification for players school year 9 - 13

The Hockey NZ Resource Hub has a range of training activities for coaches. These include a combination of skill and game-based activities. All activities come with a diagram, information about what you need, how the activity works, and some coaching points. You can even save the activity to your device or print a hard copy.


Please see "Coach pathways" in the coaching dropdown menu for coach development guidelines.

Please see "Player pathways" in the participation and development dropdown menu for player guidelines

On the right hand side of the page is three activity PDF resources which you can download, with a range of warm up/fun/hockey training activities.

Hockey Wairarapa also promotes sportsplan as a great online tool for planning trainings -

There is also a downloadable app for sportsplan -

Sportplan lets you have your own personal library to create, design and save your ideas; it helps to plan sessions, create your own drills & has a huge database of hockey drills for all areas of the game.