WBOP Records can be broken from the WBOP Champs, Classic Cup and above.

Rules for RAW or Classic Lifting:

Records can only be set by completing the whole contest RAW and must be specified at the begin of the event.

Lifter must be a member of the WBOP Association and the NZPF Association for at least 6 months.

All other IPF rules apply apart from the equipment.

Conventional Knee Wraps are NOT Allowed in WBOP RAW LIFTING
Knee High Socks are required in the Deadlift
Outdoor boots not permitted, wrestling shoes, sneakers or weight lifting shoes ARE Permitted
Tshirt must have sleeves
Tshirt must be worn during the squat and bench for male competitors, all lifts for females.
Knee Sleeves, legal belt, legal wrist wraps, Singlet or soft suit only items to be used.

Rules will be reviewed annually.