FIDE, LITTERIS, LABORE - By Faith, By Learning, By Hardwork


Please note the sport is a voluntary extra curricular activity. There is no obligation on any student to participate, it is however encouraged.​​​​​​​It is expected that ALL participating students will pay the full costs associated to the sport as set by the school. Students will also be required to sign the Wesley College Sport Policy and agree to the schools Code of Behaviour, which will obligate them to adhere to all expectations set by the school.

If a team or sport is not available within the College, then a student may seek dispensation from the Principal to play for another college or club team.

It is possible to play in more than 1 winter sports 1st team but this must be negotiated with the Sports Department.


We are dependent of volunteers to ensure sports remain available for our students Teachers are involved in sport, however we are always on the look out for coaches, managers and officials, as we have over 800 students involved in at least one sport each year. We need your help to enable us to cater for our students to be catered for in their sport and level of competition of their choice.

Please contact the Sports Deparment if you can help in any way at all. We are able to offer information and assistance with training if required.


This code does not set out to provide a detailed prescription, but rather the broad principles of acceptable behaviour in college sport.  Breaches of this or in any other code could lead to disciplinary action by:  the offenders’ school, College Sport Wellington under its By Laws or Regional Sports bodies.


  • Play to the best of your ability, but within the rules of the game
  • Recognise and respect the abilities and disabilities of others – both team mates and opponents
  • Accept the officials’ decision without gesture or argument
  • Represent your school with pride and privilege
  • Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat
  • Support the coaches and their requests of you
  • Thank the coach, officials, opponents and supporters


  • Set affirmative and appropriate guidelines and behavioural standards for yourself and your athletes on and off the playing arena
  • Give all your players the same opportunity to play
  • Assume responsibility for your players’ conduct both on and off the playing arena
  • Instil a sense of pride and respect in players’ performance
  • Treat all players, including the opposition, with dignity and respect and demonstrate positive examples of sportsmanship at all times
  • Respect and accept the judgement and decisions of officials without remonstration


  • Support decisions made by Coaches, Managers and the Wesley College Sports Department without question
  • Positively encourage and support the efforts of all players
  • Make an effort to understand the rules of the game
  • Refrain from any criticism or abuse directed at officials and players
  • Put an emphasis on genuine effort ahead of victory and encourage players to accept the outcomes of all games, irrespective of the result
  • Recognise good play by either team and never ridicule an individual player in either team
  • Encourage all participants to play within the rules of the game
  • Display self-control on the sideline
  • Show appreciation to coaches and officials who facilitate the game
  • Remember young people play sport for their satisfaction not yours
  • Ensure the use of any form of violence is actively discouraged


  • Control the game in a fair and positive manner
  • Be consistent and objective in your rulings
  • Modify your approach to suit the level of player skill
  • Help players learn the rules by explaining decisions where appropriate
  • Do what you can to ensure everyone enjoys the game
  • Encourage fair play and not tolerate foul play of any kind
  • Be a positive role model