Code of Conduct

Below is an exact copy of the Code of Conduct that is required to be signed by any student representing Whitby Collegiate on an overnight sports trip. As a parent/caregiver of such a student it is also a requirement that you are aware of the rules and expectations, agree to these and sign the form below, enabling your student to attend the trip.

Whitby Collegiate's vision is to grow better people through sport, as sport provides great opportunities for students to learn, grow holistically and to have fun while connecting and making new friends. As a school we expect students to display good sportsmanship, compete hard but fair and be respectful at all times. Students have the responsibility to safeguard Whitby Collegiate’s values, the team’s values, and that of our community whenever they are representing the school.

Please take the time to carefully read Whitby Collegiate's expectations of student representatives and travelling sports teams. Students are required to meet these expectations at all times and any breach of expectations may result in consequences both within sport and at school.

It is also important to note that poor behaviour at school and/or during school activities such as training and games may impact a student's involvement in events, competitions and tournaments where they will be representing Whitby Collegiate.

In order to participate in sport at Whitby Collegiate and any associated trips students and parents must complete the relevant Code of Conduct form.

You will only need to fill this form out once each year.

It is expected that all students/players representing Whitby Collegiate:

  • Make every effort to be cooperative and respectful at all times.

  • Are committed to all team trainings, meetings and fundraising efforts (where relevant).

  • Will pay all fees on time.

  • Wear the assigned uniform at all team games and when travelling.

  • Show positive team spirit and sportsmanship towards the opposition, officials, spectators and team mates. This includes using positive language.

  • Always respect the decisions of those who volunteer their time; organisers, umpires, coaches, managers, and accompanying adults.

  • Adhere to COVID protocols that are in place for the safety and welfare of all team members and the public.

  • Will abide by the rules of Whitby Collegiate.

  • Will abide by the rules of Whitby Collegiate when representing the school. This includes not consuming alcohol, smoking of any kind (including vaping) or any involvement with an unlawful act or activity. Any breach of school rules may result in normal school disciplinary procedures as well as removal from the team.

For travelling Whitby Collegiate teams it is also expected that students:

  • Adhere to a lights out curfew that will be imposed; consistent with the schedule of games and other activities.

  • Will hand in all devices overnight to a member of the coaching staff in order to ensure a good rest and recovery (the coaching team will be accessible by phone overnight in the case of emergencies).

  • Students and the team are the responsibility of the team’s management and coach when away on a trip. The team management and coach may discipline any team member for breach of expectations and/or misconduct under school policy or team rules. 

  • Should gross misconduct occur while representing Whitby Collegiate in weekly competitions, events, and tournaments, contact will be made with Whitby Collegiate management and the player may need to be removed from further team activity and competition and/or sent home if away for an event. If a student is sent home from an event/tournament this would come at the expense of the student and family. Again, any breach of school rules may result in normal school disciplinary procedures.

Thank you very much for being a great citizen and sportsperson of Whitby Collegiate, and we hope you enjoy yourself while representing Whitby Collegiate.