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Winter 5: Lovell's Farm

Hi All

Thanks for all your entries today, it was beautiful weather and on a fantastic map. Was really neat to see some faces from the past coming back for a run, lots of new faces, our faithful bunch of regulars, and lots of young people!

The courses were pretty good though in hindsight control 1 on the red course should have been changed, sorry to those of you who struggled with this one, it wasn’t mapped well - the bush was not really runnable after Gabrielle’s damage, and control was not quite in the right place.......

Thanks to Callum Hill for setting the map, and Dave Nevin for being course controller, your efforts provided a great run for many and the time you put into this was greatly appreciated by all.

This was the last winter event for the year. The committee will get together soon to draw up next years calendar but basically we will be doing the summer street series on Thursday evenings through Feb/March 2024. If anybody is keen to help in any way or join the committee then drop us an email at We’d love to have you join us! We are looking at meeting on Wednesday evening 6 December to begin the planning for 2024

Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in 2024!

Cheers – Steve Hill


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WELCOME to this local Orienteering site.We are a small local group who have been working to get Orienteering back on the "map" in Northland. (pardon the pun). At present we run our own events up here, but remain affiliated to the Northwest Orienteering Club.  Things start off with the  Summer Urban Rogaine Series, which will be held every Thursday evening from 6pm. Then in April we  commence the Off-road Sunday Events.Through this website we hope to keep you informed with upcoming Events, results and links to other sites.

WHAT IS ORIENTEERING? Often described as "cunning running", Orienteering offers an intellectual challenge in addition to ordinary exercise.It is a sport for everyone regardless of age and experience.It is a sport that involves finding your way across country with the aid of a map and sometimes a compass. Orienteers follow a course as accurately as possible between control points usually marked by orange and white flags, using their skill in map reading to choose the best route.

Maprun Instructions:

During our summer series we are now using Maprun for timing.

Maprun is a free app you install on your smartphone and will record the control locations using GPS. You carry a paper map to navigate and providing you have arrived at the correct location your phone will beep and register the control.


Download the MapRun6 app from either the App or Playstore (V6.5.10 is the latest). The first time you open the App you will need to click on Name and enter a few basic details.

Each week a few days before the event the files will be uploaded to Maprun. You simply open MapRun click on events near me and you will see the event, click on it and it will download to your phone. This can also be done at the event and uses a small amount of data.

When you are ready to start click on Go To Start. It will ask for a pin number which will be supplied at the event.

Your position will be shown on your phone up until you get to the start location, when your phone beeps your time starts and your location wil no longer show on your phone. Use the paper map to navigate. When you arrive at a control location your phone should beep.

At the end of the event you must go to the finish location (which often will be the same as the start) for MapRun timing to stop.

Important Notes:

Remember you must have location and mobile data turned on (uses a very small amount of data)

Once you have started and registered the first control location do not pass back through the finish (unless you are finishing). This will cause your time to stop as MapRun will think you have finished.

If you are sure you are at the correct location but your phone does not beep just leave and carry on. We can see from your track after and add the control to your result. This only happens beacuse some phones may not be as accurate as others.

Most summer events are a 60min score event so this means for every minute your are late you will loose 10 points.

Remember to visit the finish location at the end of your run for the timing to stop. You can then upload your result and see how you did.