Next Events 2022:


WINTER 5 : Next Event Blue Goose - Sunday 21st August - Details to come.

MapRun6 Instructions: (Summer events only)

MapRun6 uses your mobile phone to register the control locations as you arrive at the correct place using the provided map.

Download MapRun6 from either the Playstore or Apple Store.

The first time you open MapRun6 you will need to click on name and add your basic details. Thats it your good to go details will be provided at the event each week.

If you need any further help email:


Keep an eye on the website and facebook page for more details prior to each event.

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WELCOME to this local Orienteering site.We are a small local group who have been working to get Orienteering back on the "map" in Northland. (pardon the pun). At present we run our own events up here, but remain affiliated to the Northwest Orienteering Club.  Things start off with the  Summer Urban Rogaine Series, which will be held every Thursday evening from 6pm. Then in April we  commence the Off-road Sunday Events.Through this website we hope to keep you informed with upcoming Events, results and links to other sites.

WHAT IS ORIENTEERING? Often described as "cunning running", Orienteering offers an intellectual challenge in addition to ordinary exercise.It is a sport for everyone regardless of age and experience.It is a sport that involves finding your way across country with the aid of a map and sometimes a compass. Orienteers follow a course as accurately as possible between control points usually marked by orange and white flags, using their skill in map reading to choose the best route.

Coming Events (See Events Page for more details)

Winter Series 2022:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Winter 4 - Sunday 31st July - City Rogaine

Winter 5 - Sunday 21st August - Blue Goose

Winter 6 - Sunday 18th September - Lovells

​​​​​​​Winter 7 - Sunday 6th November - Flygers

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