Frequently asked questions

Should you ever wish to give feedback on any matter relating to WOPs you can do so by emailing the committee at [email protected]

Changing personal details - please contact our Enrolment Officer at [email protected]

Q. Where does WOPs tramp?

A. All over the greater Auckland region.  From Mangawhai in the north to the Hunuas in the south and from the Kaipara in the west to the Hauraki islands in the east.  Plus we sometimes have ‘out of towners’ in locations such as the Kaimais and the Brynderwyns.

     Click on the News tab to read about some of our walks.

Q. Why do I need to complete a WOP's introductory course when I have been tramping for years?

A. The answer is that WOPs is very different and much more than a tramping club whose main aim is to provide tramping for their members.

     WOPs is a safe environment in which women who may be relatively new to outdoor challenges, can grow in confidence in the outdoors, achieve personal growth, and make wonderful friends while having an amazing amount of fun!

     To achieve this and provide a supportive and safe place we have the WOP's ethos of caring and inclusivity.

     The WOP's introductory course is where this journey begins.  It is not just about bushcraft, gear, first aid and map-reading.  Over the 2 days, a feeling of kinship, belonging, nurturing and looking out for each-other is fostered.

     This is at the heart of the WOPs philosophy and  is why we ask every prospective member to be welcomed  into our WOPs family in this manner

Q. What age are WOPs' members?

A. Our members range from their twenties to their eighties.  Generally speaking, the majority are in their forties, fifties, sixties and seventies.

Q. Will I be fit enough?  I haven’t had much exercise recently and I’m concerned that I may not be able to keep up with everyone.

A. Don’t worry.  Our professional leaders are adept at recognising when someone is tiring and will imperceptibly ease the pace to ensure that everyone is comfortable.  You will find your fitness gradually improves with regular tramping.

Q. How will I know if the tramps are going to be OK for me, I’m worried they might be too difficult or too challenging?

A. All our tramps are graded and the grading star guide is included with each term’s tramping programme.  The introductory course leaders will advise what’s appropriate for you when you have completed the course.  We do offer some very challenging tramps.  These have to be booked with the leader in advance and your participation is always at their discretion.  Safety is of paramount importance to WOPs.  We wouldn’t let you over-extend yourself.

Q. Where is the introductory course held and how long does it run for?

A. The first Saturday is held in a community hall (8.45am-3.00pm) and the second Saturday is out in the bush. (9.30am-2.30pm).

Q. When I start the regular term tramping programme will I be finished in time to pick up my children from school?

A. Maybe not.  Because travel times back from tramps vary so much and we never know when something unexpected will occur whilst we are out in the bush, it’s important for you to have a Plan B arranged so that your children are cared for in case you’re late.  We will not make the group hurry/take risks so you can be out in time and we strongly discourage people from going on alone.

Q. Do you offer an Introductory Course in the evening?

A. Unfortunately, no.

Q. Can I bring my dog?

A. No.  Dogs are not permitted on much of the land we walk across.

Q. I don’t have good tramping gear.  What should I buy before attending the introductory course?

A. Probably nothing.  We have supplies of boots, waterproof jackets, packs and wool jerseys which you’re most welcome to borrow.  The course leaders will have lots of advice on equipping yourself and where to go for competitively priced gear.  Once you’ve enrolled details of what you need to take with you on the introductory course will be sent to you.  Once you have completed the course, as a member of WOPs, you will be eligible for discounts at tramping stores.

Q. The introductory course finishes before the end of term, what does it cost to tramp for the remainder of the term?

A. There is no additional cost.  Tramping the remaining weeks of term is complimentary.

Q. Will I have the opportunity to go on overnight (or longer) tramps?

A. Groups of WOPpers often get together to organise their own private tramping trips and you may be able to join in one of these.

Q. I have sent in my term enrolment form, when do I receive the programme?

A. You will normally receive the programme a week before the first tramp via email.  Once you have paid, you are entered into the database and therefore you can consider yourself enrolled.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. For the course enrolments:

We refund in full if the course does not start.

There are no refunds if the course has started.

If for some reason you do not go ahead with your paid introductory course prior to it starting, an administration fee of $20.00 will be retained.

All cancellations must be in writing.

Q. Is the medical information we fill out on the enrolment form important?

A. Yes, the medical information (or record of previous injuries/ailments e.g. hips, knees, sight, hearing etc) is important.  Your leaders all have first aid qualifications but are not fully trained medics.  It is useful if we have a start point in helping to recognise onset of symptoms, can understand treatment, what effects can be expected from use (or lack) of medications, and how to recognise when the condition has become a serious emergency.

     By knowing everyone's medicals, we can also "protect" you from demands of the group if required, e.g. we may call an early morning tea if we recognise the onset of symptoms giving you time to rest and recover without the group even being aware that you were stressed.

     Obviously if the need exceeds such minimal intervention, the resources of the group may be called upon to offer you the best care possible.

     If the leaders do not understand your condition/medication, you may be approached for a fuller description of what it is and how it may affect you when tramping, and how best we can assist you.

     On very rare occasions we may ask permission to speak with an appropriate medical adviser regarding your condition as relevant to WOPs days.  We have had all sorts of medical conditions/injury histories presented over the years and do not generally reject anyone unless it represents too serious a risk.  In these cases we simply request that your doctor agrees and she or he is happy with your participation.

     It is important to understand that medical information stays confidential from the group unless you disclose it.  Leaders discuss among themselves only those details necessary for safe understanding.  WOPs privacy policy is available on request.

     Provision of a phone number for an emergency contact person helps us to follow through so we know you will be well looked after.

Q. I have changes to my contact details, who do I contact?

A. If you have changes to your contact details, please email them to [email protected] so we can update our database.

Q. My question is not on this list!

A. Please send your question to [email protected] and we will answer it.

Q. Is WOPs an incorporated society?

A. Yes, WOPs is an incorporated society and has a constitution. To read the constitution that was amended & approved at 2015 AGM, 20 May 2015, click here

Q. Where do I send items for e-news to?

A. Items for e-news should be sent to [email protected] before the weekend as e-news is sent out on Sunday evening.​​​​​​​