Doing whats RIGHT

R is for Respect: we will show respect for each other as team members, club members, community members and for the opposition.

I is for Integrity: we will act in the interests of the club and our community putting the interests of players first. We will not act out of self-interest.

G is for Graciousness: we will be gracious in victory and defeat. We will say please and thank you and we will be humble and generous in our praise.

H is for Honesty: we will own our own behaviours-what we say and what we do. We will be honest about our own preparation and performance, seek and take feedback so that we can continually improve

T is for Team: we will put our team first, the club first , our community first and our own interests a distant second. On the sideline we will support and encourage our teams, players and coaches and not criticise.

That is RIGHT and at the Havelock North Rugby we will always do the RIGHT thing.

We stand by our values in

  • Our people
  • Our promotions & publicity
  • Our rugby, business and community strategies and actions
  • For our rugby citizenry - our Interactions with other clubs and Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union

In our people

  • Our committee
  • Our coaches
  • Our players
  • Our sponsors and supporters
  • Our parents

For our people

  • Sign up to “Do the RIGHT thing” values charter
  • On joining the committee, and reminder at every meeting
  • In our recruitment of coaches as part of the search, interview and selection process
  • On player registration day (for players and parents)
  • Before each game
  • At sponsors events