We are most appreciative of all our coaches. They are all volenteers who love our game and our community. We would not be a club without them. 

New Zealand Rugby Union - How To Play

Rules for Junior Rugby including pitch sizes and game length

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Havelock North Rugby Club - Coaches lead by example

Coaches Obligations

  • Positively reinforce the actions of players
  • Lead by example
  • Be honest with yourself and players
  • Create an enjoyable environment in which to play the game
  • Develop team respect for the referee
  • Give all players the opportunity to participate in the game
  • Insist on fair play and discipline
  • Be reasonable on the demand on players time, energy, enthusiasm
  • Encourage sportsmanship, although it is important to instil a winning attitude in the players, the coaches win record doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the players are learning new skills and trying their hardest to win. If players are not getting the opportunity to learn to play by playing as a coach is concerned with his own win record, then Havelock North probably is not the right club for that coach to be part of. Please note that the Intercity Junior and Small Blacks rules stipulate that each player gets at least half a game.​​​​​​​

Coaches must attend the Small Blacks course.