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Managing Sport Ident at events:

Setting up the computer: Plug in the mouse and the main station before booting up the computer.

Switch on the computer. It should start quickly as it was transported to the event in sleep mode.

When the computer is up and running click on the Start button and the OR icon should show up on the screen. Click on it and the OR program will start. A warning message will appear on the screen.

​​​​​​​Click that you accept the risk and click Run. Check in the top LtH corner of the screen that the correct event is open. Check if the Com Port is open - if not, open it.

Connect the Printout Station to the Printer.

​​​​​​​Check against the control descriptions that the control codes are entered correctly: Edit>Courses>


E-sticks at Registration:  We have 2 boxes of E-sticks. Box No 2 is used for club events. Box No 3 is additional to box No 2 for larger events. All E-sticks in box No 2 have a 7 diget number on them – the first 4 digits 2038 is common for all E-sticks in box No 2. The last 3 digits are the most important as these are recorded next to the borrower’s name on the laptop. They are consecutive numbers from 101 to 155 except for 111 and 124 which are missing. It not only gives Svend details for results but also lets us know if anyone hasn’t returned home, so we can organise a search party.  However, they must be entered on the laptop in consecutive order and starting with …101 otherwise all sorts of problems can occur.

Persons in charge of the computer should familiarise themselves with procedures for correcting errors – return of unknown person – a common entry error when things get hectic and caused by incorrect entry of E-stick number. Fix this immediately by entering the correct number. Don't let unknown returns accumulate on the lower RH side of the screen.

All DNFs should be checked for incorrect course entry. 

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How to use OEvent (This program is used for school champs entries)

Another interesting Newsletter - June 2016

A Boring Newsletter Apr 2016        

.Event Registration - Health & Safety Form 2016

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School's Champs Classes 2016.pdf (National, North/South island Champs)


Risk management - Sports Clubs.pdf

Healt & Safety In Employment Act - 3C.pdf

Subscription Table.pdf

Grid Ref - GPS coordinate.pdf

IOFEnvironment & Orienteering.pdf

Instructions for publishing OR results.pdf

Principles for Course Planning 2014.pdf


SS Event Guidelines.pdf

Sport Ident replacement of batteries.pdf

Procedure for E-Stick punching pdf.pdf

Course Planning Guidelines SOC PDF.pdf

NZOF Competition Rules.pdf

MTBO Rules NZ version.SOC Rules Amended.pdf

IOF Control Descriptions 2004.pdf

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