Certificates are coordinated by the Head Coach, in conjunction with the Area Education and Training Officer.

Certificates are an essential part of the Pony Club system, providing incentive and encouragement to learn and improve at all levels. Pony Club members study for their certificates at rallies and can take exams to test their knowledge approximately every two years throughout their time at Pony Club.

Pony Club certificates are available for all ages and levels of competency with even a lead rein achievement card available for our youngest members.
The Certifcates attainable are:

  • D
  • D+
  • C
  • C+
  • B
  • H
  • A

Please note: the current B Certificate Record Card asks under the section Knowledge of Pony Club the name of the Chief Examiner, we no longer have a Chief Examiner, the role is filled by a lead Examiner at each H and A Exam only.

Certificate Examination Process

Rider progress is tracked by the Rally Committee, overseen by the Head Coach.  Once a rider's card is full and the rider deemed ready, they will be put on notice to sit their examination.  D, C+ and C certificates are held in one sitting, but at C+ and B level, the examination may be sat on separate dates (ridden section and horse management section).  This is at the descretion of the DC and Head Coach.

To be elligible for certificate examination, riders must have attended a minimum of five working rallies within a set period leading up to the examination.

Riders getting ready to sit are given every opportunity to prepare, and generally speaking the Head Coach will attend the certificate Examinations, (especially at the higher levels).

Certificate Rules Click here

H and A Certificates

The pinnacle of achievement for riders are the H (horse management) and A (riding) examinations.

These together award you with the A certificate which shows a very high level of competency in both riding and horse management and is recognised worldwide as such.