General Information

The Sporting Year

Summer sport is Term 1 and Term 4 and winter sport is Term 2 and Term 3. Registrations for the complete year are to be done online via Microsoft Forms.

Sports Registrations

2022 Sports sign-up form:

The registration form is simply an expression of interest so we know who to send relevant information to regarding each sport when the time comes.

If you are interested in representing the school in a code other than those listed, please contact the Sports Coordinator. 

Sports Notices

All Students should regularly check for any updates in regards to sports.

  • Sports TV Monitor opposite the SIC
  • Daily Notices
  • Sports Noticeboard
  • School emails

Social Media

Regular Facebook and Instagram posts keep students, parents and the wider community updated on sport at ACG Parnell. Please keep us informed of your child's achievements in sport outside of the college so we can highlight their success.


Students representing ACG Parnell must be in the correct uniform as per the sports code requirements. Students who turn up in incorrect uniform will not take to the field/court.

Supplied uniforms are to be returned in a good and clean condition at the end of the season. Any lost or non-returned uniform will result in a fee charged to your child's account. 


Please be aware that transport to and from venues for all sports is your own responsibility. 
For tournaments and events taking place during the school day, parent help is greatly appreciated.

Sports Fees

Sports fees are listed on each sports' page under the sports tab and are an accumulation of some or all of the following: coaching & umpiring costs, competition entry fee, facilities, equipment and uniform loan costs. Fees are charged to students accounts and parents will recieve an invoice via email from the Accounts Department.

  • Events: Payment required prior to event.
  • Teams/academies: Payment required within the first two weeks of recieving invoice. If a student withdraws from a team after being named, they will still be required to pay the fee.
  • Clubs: Once a child has attended two sessions, the fee will be charged and will be required to be paid within two weeks. The first session of all clubs is considered a 'freebie' to give students the opportunity to see if they wish to continue or not.