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We started out as a few kids who wanted to have more time to climb but now we are a club of 25+ who run multiple different outreach programs and who push for change in the way sports clubs are run.

We show a new approach by having some of our youth in our council making the important decisions about the future of the climb with wise guidance from the adults around them.



Indoor rock climbing (Sport climbing) is a new Olympic sport with huge opportunities for the kids who participate.

As a club we want to ensure that the kids involved in the sport reach their full potential.

We put our kids at the centre of everything we do and  are continually evolving as an inclusive, fun, and dynamic club.​​​​​​​

Auckland Climbing Youth Development Club (ACYDC) has two primary goals:

1. Provide opportunities for kids from within the Auckland regions to be involved in indoor rock climbing; with a specific focus on those with financial, social, or academic challenges

2. Enable those kids with a passion and talent for the sport to access coaching and support to achieve their potential and compete at regional and national levels.​​​​​​​

Sport Climbing, an inclusive sport:

This sport can offer inclusiveness and confidence to kids on the fringes; those who may find social interaction, schooling and even traditional sport involvement difficult and challenging. It gives those kids the skills, confidence and capabilities to overcome challenges and participate in a dynamic and challenging sport. This is a sport that requires tenacity coupled with mental and physical strength. This sport creates high performing athletes.