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Ashburton AREA ESNZ Show Jumping & Show Hunter Group

ESNZ Show Hunter are very pleased to announce Burger King have come on board as the new sponsors for  the Category B Ponies High Points National Series for the 2014/2015 show season.
Burger King proudly supports a wide range of sports as well as respected charities such as Canteen.  Their support of professional level sport right down to smaller community events are just one way Burger King can give back to the communities in which they operate.
Burger King restaurants are located throughout New Zealand and are a great place to celebrate after a day at the show with a varied menu to suit the whole family.
Burger King are thrilled to be supporting ESNZ Show Hunter and would like to wish all competitors the very best for this season.

The following information concerns changes to rules of Show Hunter.
HOY Qualifications
  • Only recognised classes will count as Qualifiers for HOY with the exception of the Low Hunter classes.Low Hunter classes will not gain qualifying points.
  • Horse of the Year qualifying points will not be awarded to horses and ponies competing under the Flexi Start system.
  • All horses and ponies must have gained 20 points in the current season before the commencement of HOY to be eligible to start in any Show Hunter class at HOY(with the exception of age group classes – see below).
  • All horses and ponies must have gained 30 points in the current season before the commencement of HOY to be eligible to start in any HOY Title classes.
  • Horses and ponies must have gained 10 points in the current season before the commencement of HOY to be eligible to start in any Age Group Classes, but points gained from any recognised Age Group Classes at any show will count towards HOY qualifying.
    NZ Show Hunter High Points
  • All NZ High Points Classes will be nominated by the organising show committee. Horses – one nominated Junior class per show 90cm-1m, one nominated Amateur class per show 90cm-1m, and one nominated Open class per show that is jumped at 1.10m. Ponies – one nominated class of each of the following 3 categories per show - Category A – 70cm, Category B – 80cm and Category C 90cm.
    Equitation Series Conditions.
  • Points will be awarded to the first five place getters in each series class, regardless of the number of starters, providing that they receive a judge’s score of 66% or above. 1st=6, 2nd=4, 3rd=3, 4th=2 and 5th=1.
  • In the Series Final Class points will be awarded to the first 6 place getters in each series final class regardless of the number of starters providing they receive a judge’s score of 66% and over.  Points will be awarded in the following way – 1st=7, 2nd=5,3rd=4, 4th=3, 5th=2 and 6th=1
    NOTE:  If a combined Junior and Amateur High Points Series class is run, or a combined Junior and Adult Equitation series class is run, series points must be awarded to each individual class.  However, there may be only one set of prize money.

    NZ HIGH POINTS Tallies.
  • From the placings that a horse/pony gains in the High Points Series in the current season, the TOP 10 placings will be tallied prior to the series final class.
  • In the event of a tie then the placings shall be decided by a count back of most wins of the 10 counting rounds for the season.  If still tied, then the number of second placings down to fifth will be taken into account until a final result is achieved.  If the result is still tied, then the result will be decided by the highest placing in the Series Final Class.
    Equitation Series tallies.
  • The tally system will be identical to one above for the High Points series.
    Recognised Amateur Division.
  • Fences range 85cm – 1.00m.
  • Open to all horses regardless of previous experience.
  • Competitors must ride horses that are registered with the NF in their name as owner of part owner or registered lease.
  • Competitors may not have won prize money in ANY classes higher than 1.25m in Jumping or competed in Advanced Level Horse Trials in the current or preceding ESNZ Show season which runs from 1st August tp 31st July.
  • A horse that has accumulated points in the Amateur division of the NZ High Points will retain those points even if the rider relinquishes his/her Amateur status during the year.  The horse may continue to earn points if shown by another rider who qualifies as an amateur.
  • A horse will retain its Amateur High Points, NZ High Points and HOY qualifying points if sold during the season.
  • Age of rider as per RULE B 4
  • If there are any questions regarding any of these changes, then please do not hesitate to ring/email/txt  me.
    Rose Thomson.