Subject and Level

Service Academy: A Military focused programme in school. Course elements are mainly at NCEA Level Two and Three.

Course Entry

Students are selected to attend the Service Academy through an interview process. Priority is given to Year 12 and 13 students who might otherwise leave school, and who would benefit from this programme.

Outline and Aims

“Strive for Excellence in all that we do”

The Aurora College Service Academy is a disciplined military-style programme that offers opportunties for students to gain life skills such as Leadership, Respect, Problem Solving, Goal Setting, Self-Discipline and Team Work.

Our military based teaching and learning environment includes well defined boundaries, clear consequences and high expectations of attendance, punctuality, personal presentation, initiative, energy and a commitment to achieving academically.

Students are provided with high levels or support, care and guidance. Students will gain a great sense of belonging and confidence through meeting and overcoming challenges both as individuals and as a group.

All students have an Individual Learning Plan and are supported to gain NCEA Level 2.

Course Content

Credits are gained through the following subjects and events:

Training with the Youth Life Skills Cell of the NZ Army:

  • Induction at Burnham Military Camp
  • Bush Craft and Survival Skills
  • South Island Services Academies Coast to Coast Challenge
  • Some students will be selected for Leadership and Advanced Leadership


The tasks in the programme will be managed at a pace that will allow students to focus on achieving their necessary Literacy requirement for NCEA Level 1. Students studying towards NCEA Level 2 will be given their own programme and encouraged to achieve the University Entrance requirement for Literacy.


The tasks in the programme will be managed at a pace that will allow students to focus on achieving their necessary Numeracy requirement for NCEA Level 1. Students studying towards NCEA Level 2 will be given their own programme and encouraged to achieve 12 credits at Level 2.

Vocational Pathway:

Students will be encouraged to follow a suitable Vocational Pathway which will lead to qualifications in a Career Pathway the student would follow when they leave school.


Year 12 and 13 students have the opportunity to experience a structured workplace programme, with emphasis on their Vocational Pathway. They do need to attend the workplace for 20 days and gain 20 credits.

Communtiy Service:

This is a focus for the Service Academy and allows students to do tasks that promote the Academy and the school but most of all the student in the community.

School Service:

The Service Academy students are a role model for the rest of the school. As well as having a high standard of dress, behaviour and following school rules at all times, they provide support for activities taking place within the school.

Uniform and Physical Training Kit

Uniformity in the Services and the importance of high dress standards are recognised, and this Academy will not be any different. It will be expected that all students will develop and maintain high standards themselves. To assist students with this we will supply and meet initial costs of the Academy tracksuit and PT Kit. In 2020 the academy will need to purchase navy blue dress pants (males), navy blue school skirt (females) and black dress shoes for their formal attire. It is also expected that all students must bring their own PT equipment every day.

Sport and Culture

Service Academy students are required to play for at least one Aurora College sports team and be involved in a cultural activity. There is a huge encouragement to participate and represent the school with pride.


There are no fees for any of the training events within the Service Academy programme. The school reserves the right to charge students for replacement uniform and kit, depending on the circumstances.


The Service Academy programme allows students the opportunity to complete NCEA Level Two as a minimum. Please note all students will have an individual Learning Plan where they may be offered extra opportunities to earn credits.

Where can this take you?

Upon graduating from the Service Academy you may:

  • Return to mainstream schooling to work towards gaining NCEA Level 2 or 3
  • Move on to a “No Fees”vocationally focused Youth Guarantee programme
  • Enrol in Polytechnic Level study
  • Potentially gain employment in the NZ Army, Navy or Airforce
  • Other employment

Facebook Page

The Aurora College Service Academy has our own Facebook page. We ask that all members and parents join the page to receive regular messages about upcoming events. The page also provides an opportunity to see what the academy have been doing at school and camps through photos and reports.

Regulations and Assessment Appeals

The Service Academy is governed by Aurora College school rules, regulations, policies and procedures. All students must abide by the Aurora College Values and Code of Conduct. The Service Academy follows the approved Assessment Appeals procedure.


If you would like to find out more about the Aurora College Service Academy then please feel free to call the school and make an appointment.

Sonny Rangitoheriri – Academy Director

[email protected] 03 2116040

Sally Jordan – Academy Administrator

[email protected] 03 2116040