Bluebirds Netball Club - Kāpiti

Bluebirds Netball Club Inc

Player/Coaching Policy

It is the policy of Bluebirds Netball Club Inc that:

  1. All competitive club players receive the best coaching that can be provided  The social team will be an exception to this, (refer social team policy).
  2. All players should get game time during preliminary rounds, however, it will be the coach's decision to play their strongest line up for semi-finals and finals.
  3. Minimum game time for each player should be two quarters (notwithstanding disciplinary measures for training non-attendance/misbehaviour and injuries or other arrangements made with consent of the coach for personal reasons).
  4. Once teams have been announced, any player changes or late additions to competitive teams must be approved by the committee.
  5. Coaches of higher teams may not take players from lower teams without approval from the committee and affected coaches.
  6. A coach may register as a player for their team, however they should only take the court if no other team players are available and suitable for the position.
  7. No player may take the court if subscriptions are not paid in full.
  8. Players sign a player's code of conduct declaration before the season starts.  This must be adhered to throughout the season.