Kiwi Sprocket Rocket is the name given to the modified form of BMX for riders 7 years and under. 

Kiwi Sprocket Rocket is made up of three (3) major programs being;

  • The Kiwi Sprocket Rocket Club Program;
  • The Kiwi Sprocket Rocket Participation and Skills Award Program, and
  • The Kiwi Sprocket Rocket Coaching Skills Award Program. 

Kiwi Sprocket Rocket presents young BMX riders with the opportunity to become involved in a skill based BMX program that caters to their size, skill and interests. Most importantly the program aims to lift the profile of the modified form of BMX and its benefits in terms of psycho-social and physical development of junior BMXers.

More specifically the program is aimed at:

  • Providing a strong foundation within the sport by changing the focus in the 7 years & under classes to: 
    • Skill development, including general bicycle skills to lay the foundations for sport specific BMX skills.  
    • Enjoyment and ‘want’ of participation,  
    • Understanding of Fair Play and rules at their level, rather than promoting the win-at-all costs culture.
  • Reducing the pressure involved in competing week in week out, (normally living the parents dream), to reduce burnout in junior competitors.
  • Providing direction to coaches and officials of junior programs through resource development.


The Kiwi Sprocket Rocket Club program is exclusive to riders aged 7 years and under. It provides young riders with their own identity and access to the other Kiwi Sprocket Rocket programs, such as the skills awards for coaching and participation.

How to Join?

To join, a rider simple needs to fill in a BMX NZ membership application form (which is available from your local club) and return it, along with the membership fee and a photocopy of proof of age (e.g. birth certificate, passport), to their BMX club. Provided the rider is 7 years or under, and their membership application form is accepted, they qualify as a Kiwi Sprocket Rocket member. You will then receive your membership card, which can be collected from your club, and a Kiwi Sprocket Rocket kit will be forwarded by BMX NZ to the address provided on your membership application form.

The Kiwi Sprocket Rocket kit includes the following:

  • Welcome letter
  • Kiwi Sprocket Rocket Number Plate
  • Kiwi Sprocket Rocket sticker
  • Coaching Skills Award Logbook
  • Kiwi Sprocket Rocket Guidebook (download)
  • Rule Book (if available)


The aim of the Kiwi Sprocket Rocket Program is to develop the basic skills of BMX, by focusing the young riders development on improving skills It cannot be stressed enough, how important it is for young BMX riders to develop the correct techniques for the various skills of riding a bike.  If the correct techniques are not developed at an early age, the risk of injury to riders in later years is increased dramatically, as poor technique is the most common cause of injury in BMX.

Up to approximately 7 years of age it is recognised that athletes are in the early stage of skill learning, where it is important to focus on general motor skills.  The skills award program is designed to aid coaches in teaching the general skills and techniques of riding a bike. The better young riders master the general skills of riding at an early age the easier (and often faster) it is for coaches to progress the riders’ skill levels during the intermediate stage of skill learning (8-12 years).  Therefore by developing a sound skill base, the foundation for developing the more specific BMX skills has been laid for future years. The skills award program is therefore set out, whereby the riders progress from levels 1-3 for each of the basic skills of riding a bike (i.e.: pedaling, balance, braking and cornering) in a progressive manner.

It is important that riders spend the two weeks allocated to each skill challenge to develop the necessary skills to progress to the next level.  This allows the coach to initially observe the riders current skill level in week one, then see if riders have improved in week two through spending time practicing the skill. The entire program should take each rider 24 weeks to complete, as it is simply a matter for the rider and coach to work through the Logbook and achieve each goal set along the way. So good luck with the program and remember the more skills riders have the more fun they have riding their bikes.


The Coaching Skills Award program is aimed at developing the basic skills required to ride a bike: Pedalling, Balance, Cornering and Braking. The skills award is a 24 week program that requires riders to complete skill tests at three levels of difficulty on each skill to achieve a skill award.

Who Co-ordinates?

The club coach or appointed sprocket co-ordinator to conduct the skills award program. The co-ordinators responsibilities will include completing the sprocket logbooks and awarding the skill certificates.

How Does it Work?

All the information to run the skills award is outlined in the logbook, which is set out in order from week 1 to week 24.

What Resources are Required?

The resources required for the skills award are:- Skills Award Logbook- Skills Award Certificates- Skills Award Logbook Stamps

What Equipment is Required?

The logbook outlines in each test the equipment required, with the basic equipment being such items as:

  • Marker Domes,
  • Stopwatch,
  • Tape Measure, etc.

Awards Riders will be awarded achievement certificates and a stamp in their logbook upon completion of level 3 for each skill. The award certificates and stamps will be issued by the club coach of sprocket co-ordinator, depending on who is appointed by the club to co-ordinate the program.