Ensuring that your club provides a safe and enjoyable environment for its members is straight forward. You just need a clear and common sense approach.


Health and safety is about the hazards that exist in your usual club environment.

Are there hazard signs?

Are there enough toilets and hand-washing facilities?

Do you have a first aid kit and people trained in its use?

What will you do in the event of an accident or Civil Defense emergency?

Do you have contact numbers for your members 'next-of-kin' to ensure they can be contacted in the case of an illness or serious injury?

However big or small, the club should have plans in place to deal with health and safety issues. How extensive these plans are will vary, depending on the size and structure of your club. But even if the club is small, it’s still important that these issues are considered.

The club’s legal requirements change according to whether or not you employ paid staff.  But, in short, club management and members should consider the guidelines contained in this site to ensure everyone remains healthy and safe while participating in club activities.

These documents are general information regarding Health & Safety and may give you further insight into the delivery of the process within your club.

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