To enter the sport you can go along to any club & try out BMX on a club night. Once you have made the decision to ride more often you can apply for membership at your local Club.

The Club membership cost & services varies from Club to Club, but all should offer racing & training for club members. As part of the registration process within the sport, all club members MUST obtain a BMXNZ Licence to continue to ride beyond the first three trial visits.

To obtain a club membership the application process is an online application via the BMX club. Once submitted online you will receive an email confirmation regarding your online virtual licence. If you are new to BMX, BMXNZ will allocate a licence number which you will be advised via email 1-2 days.

When received, you are live in the BMXNZ database system, you can continue to ride at your club and also start entering race meetings that suit your licence type.

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Please see below the licence type available;


Riders aged UCI 4 and below on Strider Bikes (as defined in section 4.002 rulebook) are classified as Kiwi Strider Riders. They participate in a modified form of BMX racing and can take part in any club delivered skills based programmes offered by their club. Licence Kiwi Striders are permited to enter BMXNZ sanctioned meetings (category 8,9 & 10) and they must participate as per the rule book in their appropriate age on day class.  Once licenced as  Kiwi Strider, BMXNZ provides a bike number plate which your club will distribute.


Riders aged up to and including UCI 7 are classified as Kiwi Sprocket Rocket. They participate in this modified form of BMX and take part in a skills based programme as per the Kiwi Sprocket Rocket guide book. Kiwi Sprocket Rockets are permited to enter all BMXNZ sanctioned meetings and they must participate in their appropriate age on the day class. Sprockets cannot ride in Challenge age groups. Holders of a Kiwi Sprocket Rocket licence must wear their BMXNZ supplied sprocket number plate at all times and wear the required protection gear as define n the BMXNZ rule book for this age group. Kiwi Sprocket Rockets are not permited to use interlocking cleat pedals under any circumstances while they are riding under a Sprocket licence. When a rider is eligible to ride UCI 8 years, they will apply for a Challenge or Regional licence as at 1 January. 

Once licenced as  Kiwi Sprocket Rocket, BMXNZ provides a bike number plate which your club will distribute.


Holders of a Regional licence may participate in Category 9 & 10 (Club & Interclub) meetings, held within their licenced region. (Refer Meeting Matrix, Note 6). This licence is to introduce riders to more racing at a cost effective fee. A Regional licence can be upgraded to a Challenge or Championship licence by submitting the online request & paying the appropriate fee. 


The Challenge licence is the sport standard for all Challenge 20” and Cruiser classes. This is a full race licence that can be used through out New Zealand to all race meetings & also into local club meetings in Australia. Interlocking clip pedals or pedals with any form of locking or holding mechanism, are NOT permited to be used by any riders who are aged 12 years & under in age. 


The Championship licence is for riders who wish to compete in Championship classes of Juniors or Elite. These UCI classes are for ages 17-18yr (Jnr) and 19+ (Elite) where riders aim to be the best in the world. The best of these riders can become the recognised as Jnr or Elite UCI BMX WORLD CHAMPIONS.