This series format includes all “Standard BMX New Zealand classes” (except Sprockets & Championship Classes) which are listed in the BMXNZ rulebook.

This does not include any Novelty, Superclass or Mixed Open classes.

The series involves 10 rounds, of which a riders five best rounds (as specified in the next paragraph) will count towards the end of season “champions” for each class.

A rider can do as many rounds as they want but must complete the minimum five round requirement, then it is only their best five results of the noted events below that count towards their final score.

The National Series is run over the calendar year, counting the events from 1st of January to the 31st of December


The five “points scoring” rounds must include the following:

Any 3 of the Region Champs:

• Taranaki

• Waikato

• Northern

• Central

• Mainland North

• Mainland South

• Wellington

One or the other of the Island Titles: • North Island Titles • South Island Titles

Plus, the

• National Championships.

Any rider that doesn’t complete the minimum required number of rounds will not qualify for a placing in the series.


The top five results will be taken as follows;

• Your NATIONALS result will be used

• The top one of the two TITLES results will be used

• The top three of the seven REGIONAL results will be used

Points are scored in the motos only (not finals)

• Points are scored in reverse, e.g. 8 for 1st, 7 for 2nd, 6 for 3rd etc.

• DNS will be 0 points.

• DNF will be given last place in that moto.

Where a round is held at a two-day meeting, points will be scored on the 1st four moto’s of the meeting. In the event of classes being amalgamated, points will be separated out after the meeting back into the age group that the rider entered. If for any reason a round only has 3 moto’s, then points will be scored on these 3 moto’s only. Equal final placings will be separated by countback.


The National Series Champion of each age group will be awarded a Series Champion Race Jersey Presentation plates awarded for 1st to 8th placed qualified riders at the end of the Nationals Series.

Awards are presented at the BMXNZ Nationals immediately following the end of the Series.