• Masters, Club, Recreational Rowing

$ 650          

  • University (full time)

$ 550      

  • School Leavers (Y13 - not rowing for school)

$ 550      

  • *Winter Only

$ 380      

  • Coxswains (includes all regatta costs & licence fees)

$ 100      

  • Learn to Row Programme ($ 150)

  • Coaches – By Arrangement

*Winter Rates apply for the period 1 April to 30 September

While the above fees cover your use of club facilities and equipment, they do not cover the cost of racing. This depend on how much racing you do and which regattas you enter.

Firstly, to enter major regattas, you will need a competition license ($103.50) and pay a levy to the Waikato Rowing Association ($40). Below is a list of licensable regattas.

  • New Zealand Rowing Championships
  • New Zealand Masters Championships
  • New Zealand University Championships
  • North Island Championships
  • South Island Championships
  • Jury Cup Whanganui
  • Wellington Provincial Championships
  • Canterbury Championships
  • Otago Championships
  • Karāpiro Christmas Regatta
  • North Island Junior Regatta
  • South Island Junior Regatta

However, there are a number of more low key regattas for which a license and levy are not needed. Locally, these include masters regattas run by the Legion of rowers, the Memorial and Club regattas run by Karapiro Rowing Incorporated and regattas run by various local clubs. Go to RowIT for a complete programme of regattas showing which are licensed and which are not.

Secondly, you will need to pay entry fees for each regatta you enter. These can vary widely. For example, some regattas charge as little as $30 regardless of how many races you enter. Other regattas charge for each race where the fee varies on the size of boat and usually includes a fixed facilities fee. If you are planning to enter most or all of these regattas, you could expect to pay around $600 in racing costs over the season.

Note that where you incur these additional racing costs, the club will invoice you. Alternatively, you could incorporate them into a payment plan.