Generally, when we talk about "Club" rowing, it is about the group of younger rowers who fit in the group between shool rowing and Masters rowing. However we know that some Masters can compete well in this group regardless of their age.

So Club rowers also play an important role in contributing to the vibrancy and inclusiveness of the Cambridge Rowing Club.  You could be in this group without ever having rowed or you could have been part of a medal winning school crew last year. You may want to row simply for pleasure with a recreational group.

There is a very blurred line between Club rowers and Masters Rowers and we are all part of the same club and work together for comon goals. We have a good range of boats and equipment available our Lake Karapiro clubrooms.


At the end of the learn-to-row course (LTR) you will hopefully wish to continue rowing. When you take out a full membership, we will credit the amount paid for your LTR against the cost of a club subscription.  When you enter your first regatta you will move to a classification "Novice" where you will remain until the end of your first season when you will be moved up to "Intermediate". From that point, you will remain in that class until such time as your ability takes you up to "Club" class and eventually "Senior".  As a Novice rower, your coaching will continue until you are fully ready to move on in the club as a Competitive and/or Recreational rower.  You will have the opportunity to develop your rowing skills and confidence by mixing with experienced rowers at our Roll Up & Row sessions.

We are a social group who welcomes new members and club rowing on Saturday mornings is followed by a social catch-up at the Podium cafe, a very short walk from the club. The water on the lake is rowable on the majority of days during both summer and winter; a number of rowers hit the water every morning before going home for breakfast and off to work.


Racing isn't the sole preserve of youger rowers. Many masters compete in 2,000m formal regattas while "Club" rowers may choose not to race at all and may also choose to row in some of the more social regattas that are available. All levels of skill are catered for at the social regattas and there are times when the ability to enjoy a nice glass of crisp white is equally important as having won a race a little earlier in the day.

​​​​​​​So if you feel this is you, contact Belle or Jo - See you soon!