​​​​​​​(Non-riding members)

If you use the track but don't want to race, please sign-up as an Associate Member to help us maintain this community facility.  Choose from $20, $50 or $100, or contact us if you'd like to contribute a different amount.

If you don't want to contribute financially but want to demonstrate your support for the club in our negotiations with the land-owners or grant applications, please sign up as a Supporter.

2024 Supporters & Associates Form


The 2024 Capital BMX Club Membership year is from 1 January to 31 December. The Club is affiliated to BMX New Zealand (BMX NZ) and all Club Memberships include the BMX NZ Licence fee. A current BMX NZ Licenced member may join the Club and pay a transfer fee.  

Apply for membership online via the BMX NZ registration form.


Strider ($20) - UCI age 4 and below

A Strider membership is for all riders of non-pedal bikes. Strider riders can take part in Club skills-based training programmes. The licence is a digital licence (no card will be issued), and it will be available online for race event registrations. This licence is valid for the full term of the Strider, while they are on a strider bike. The rider will need to upgrade to a Sprocket Licence when they either turn 5 years old OR move to a pedal bike.

Kiwi Sprocket Rocket ($100) - up to and including UCI age 7 

Sprocket riders may take part in a skill-based training programme run by the Club coaches based on the Kiwi Sprocket Rocket guidebook. Sprocket Licenced riders may enter all BMX NZ sanctioned meetings and must wear their BMX NZ supplied Sprocket number plate. When a rider is eligible to ride UCI age 8, they will apply for a Regional or Challenge Licence as at 1 January.

Regional ($100) - UCI age 8 and over 

This membership includes a limited race License, only allowing riders to participate in events within the Wellington region: Club and Interclub meetings and non-National Qualifying Meets (NQMs). This is an ideal licence for those just starting out in BMX. Upgrading to a Challenge Licence can be done at any time by application through the Club.

Challenge ($150) - UCI age 8 and over 

A Challenge Licence may be issued to riders for all Challenge 20” and Cruiser classes UCI age 8 and over. A holder of a Challenge Licence may participate in Club meetings and away meetings, and is permitted to enter all BMX NZ sanctioned meetings including NQMs

UCI Age Classification

The age class that a rider is eligible to ride in is determined by their age when calculated by deducting the year of birth from the current year. For example, if a rider was born in 2016, 2024 - 2016 = 8, therefore the rider races in the UCI age 8 group.