School Buses

Cashmere High School Ministry Funded Buses 2024

In 2024 our school bus operator is Go Bus.   

A list of the Ministry Funded buses for Cashmere High School are listed below.  Route details along with departure times can be found here

Purau - D120403

Diamond Harbour - D120404

Governors Bay - D120405

The first day the buses will be running in 2024 will be Tuesday 30 January

The school is open on Tuesday 30 January for Year 9 students, who will have their powhiri at 9am, followed by a day of orientation with their form teachers and their peer leaders.  The school day will finish at 2.10pm for all Year 9 students.

If you are familiar with a bus stop close to your house where Cashmere High School students wait, then students should wait in this area.  As always, please either stay with your children while they are waiting for their school transport in the morning or keep in contact with them to make sure that they are picked up safely.  It is recommended students be at the bus pick-up/drop-off locations 5-10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

Bus drivers are also aware that all the students on the first day are new Year 9s and that they might be anxious about their first day.  Bus drivers have been instructed to pick up any student in Cashmere High School uniform.  However, if you are unsure then the parent/caregiver can bring the student to school in the morning of their first day and students can then bus home.

The buses will be leaving school at 2.20pm on Tuesday 30 January from the bus lane near the flagpole.  Where the bus drops them off after school on their first day will also dictate where they catch the bus the following morning.  Drivers will also be able to advise approximate pick up times.  From Wednesday 31 January onwards, students should arrive at their bus stop at least 5 minutes before pick up.  In the interests of all students we expect a very high standard of behaviour on all buses.​​​​​​​

Responsibility of parents/caregivers

Caregivers are responsible for getting their children to school, which may involve getting the children to and from their nearest bus pick-up and drop-off location.

To ensure a safe environment for bus loading and unloading caregivers should:

  • not park in bus bays

  • adhere to the speed limit (20km/h while passing a stationary school bus on either side of the road)

  • try to eliminate the need for children to cross the road

  • ensure that children get to and from the bus stop safely

  • advise children to not run across the road.

If you need any further assistance with any bus information, please contact the school office: 03 3329129 or [email protected].