Christchurch Central Target Shooting

Christchurch Central Target Shooting Club is a smallbore rifle club which has been going for over 60 years but has been previously known as Richmond Working Men’s Club and Sydenham Club but with both clubs combining it it is now just known as "Central". 

We shoot at the main Christchurch Target Shooting Range at 11 Bangor Street in Central Christchurch.

Although small in membership numbers, the shooters in our club have lots of experience. Some have been shooting for over 50 years and are more than willing to assist new shooters into a great sport.

Central Club meets for practice on Tuesday afternoons, usually from 4.30pm and finish up around 6.45pm. Starting the beginning of April and ending early September. Competition nights are on Thursday commencing 7.00pm through to 9.45pm either at the Bangor Street Range or at one of the other club ranges in Christchurch.

You start shooting off a rifle rest and then once ready, we move you into a jacket and sling. Within a few weeks, all going well, shooters will able to shoot on their own (still supervised) and should see their scores steadily improve.  Once ready, we then encourage attending our competitions (still supervised and assisted until competent & holding a firearms licence). Firearm safety is taught and strictly enforced.