27th July 2024

Winter Series

2 x 600 yards


3rd August 2024

Winter Series

2 x 300 yards


10th August 2024

Winter Series

2 x 500 yards


NOTE: AGM & Prizegiving will be on the 17th August 2024

This is earlier than normal due to club members travelling to overseas competitions


No Sighting in available

PLEASE NOTE: Any visitors/hunters are required to bring proof that their rifle has been sighted in. ie, a picture of a group of shots.

Range Protocols.

The Cheltenham Rifle Club are caretakers of the rifle range on behalf of the landowners.

The rifle range is gazetted on the district plan by the Manawatu District Council.

The range is operated in accordance with the Range Standing Orders which have been vetted by the New Zealand National Rifle Association. Users of the range will comply with these Orders. Non-members of the NRA are expected to arrange their own insurances while on the range.  The range will only be open for shooting on Saturdays and closed over the Christmas, New Year and Easter holidays.


A request to carry out any operations on the range must be addressed through either the President or Secretary of the club on behalf of the landowner who will be advised of the operation. The landowner or committee will decide if the operation can proceed and any limits that are to be put in place such as times will be strictly adhered to - there will be no shooting before 9am. If necessary a committee member of the club will be present at the operation to ensure compliance with the landowners stipulations and Range Standing Orders.


Any Cheltenham member who wants to carry out work on any of the rifle club buildings or equipment outside of the previously advised times, or any other work, will contact either the President or the Secretary who will call the landowner by text message or personally, advising him of the work being carried out and the expected time of arrival, departure and the number of people on site. Any inadvertent damage to any of the landowners property caused by such work will ensure that repairs are carried out before the site is vacated. If only temporary repairs can be made then the landowner will be advised of the situation and permanent repairs made as soon as practicable.


At the landowners request all vehicle tracks will be be close to the fence lines or the stream banks. Vehicles will be parked on or near the track and equipmemt will be be carried or taken in by small trolleys to the firing points. Damage to any crops adjacent to the firing points and to the range flags is to be minimised - some flag poles are to be moved for this purpose.


Contact details for the President and the Secretary can be found on the club's website.


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Shaun Ellis

029 8899006

[email protected]






Kathryn Hughes

[email protected]





Shooting starts every Saturday from 1:00 pm, but see "Notices" above for up-to-date information.

New members and visitors welcome.

Range fees - $10.00 

Club members and visitors $10.00 per afternoon.
There are club rifles for hire and ammunition to purchase. Prospective members allowed four attendances until we hound you for membership fees!

The physical location of the club is now shown on Google Maps - just search for Cheltenham Rifle Club