Under 11s rules and guidelines

Numbers on Field - 15

These numbers are maximums. If a team doesn’t have enough players to start a game, they lose the game, but a game should then be played with equal numbers.

Field Size - Full

Try - 5 pts

If score blowouts are occurring (ie 35+ at halftime), both coaches must meet and come to an agreement as to how they can generate a more even contest.

Conversion - 2

Conversions are not to be taken further out than the 15m line.

Tackle - Yes

Tackle must be below the nipple. No fending to the head, face or neck regions.

Subs - Quarters

There are no rolling subs. All players must play a half game. Also applies to representative games.

Scrums - 8 person

No contest and pushing.  Safety is paramount.

Lineout - 8 person

Lineouts can be contested from U11. There is to be no lineout lifting at any level.

Penalty  - normal

Kicking(general play) - yes

Length of play - 2 x 25

Referee - Yes

If no Playing Rugby referee, no tackling and no contested scrums.

Kick-off - Normal

There will be no lifting from kick-starts.