Under 9 Rules/Guidelines

Numbers on Field - 10

These numbers are maximums. If a team doesn’t have enough players to start a game, they lose the game, but a game should then be played with equal numbers.

Field Size - 1/2

Goal to 10m (across the field). Portable goalposts are recommended. Full size posts on one touchline need to have bolsters on them.

Try - 5pts

If score blow-outs are occurring (ie 35+ at halftime), both coaches MUST meet and come to an agreement as to how they can generate a more even contest.

Conversion - 0

U8 to U10 conversion taken from in front of posts either drop goal or punt. Points don’t count.

Ball Size 3

Tackle - Yes No fending to the head, face or neck regions

Two ‘tackle box’ sessions must be carried out by all U9 coaches before the season kicks off. Tackle must be below the nipple.

Subs - Quarters

There are no rolling subs. All players must play a half game. Also applies to representative games.

Scrums - 5 person

No pushing and no contest. Safety is paramount.

Lineout  - 5 person

Lineouts not to be contested. There is to be no lineout lifting at any level.

Penalty - Tap & Pass

Kicking - (general play)

Encourage  running & passing

Length of Game - 2 x 25

Referee - Yes

If no Learning Rugby referee, there is no tackling.

Kick-off - Tap & Pass

Punt or drop-kick by the scoring side

At U10 and below, kick offs to be rotated through all players. There will be no lifting from kick-starts.