As Friday 8th March is International Woman's Day, it is only fitting we acknowledge Netball New Zealand turning 100 Years this year, and the roll Netball has played in giving woman and girls opportunities, through this great sport we love.  There are many Centres in our Zone that have already turned 100 or are close, and we also want to acknowledge their rich history and legacy of Mainland.

It was so much fun to be at the Netball NZ AGM with our Netball Mainland team representing our Zone, a big THANK YOU to those that travelled up and those that listened in online.

It was the biggest privilege to be part of such an important milestone in Netball's history surrounded by a fantastic team from Mainland. All over Aotearoa we have incredible stories and insight from those that have paved the way for woman and girls in sport through Netball. To sit in the room and honour those that have gone before felt so special.  

Congratulations to all recipients that have been inducted into Netball NZ Hall of Fame - Click here to read all about it.

written by Jacinda Valentine

NNL UPDATE - written by Crystal Wilkinson

Our SHNL squad has completed their first Team Culture Day. This was a positive experience for everyone involved. The final trial to determine the team is today, Thursday 7th March, and the team of 10-12 players will be announced to everyone on the 12th March. Six weeks out from the competition start date means NNL teams can now officially begin their on-court training campaign.  We look forward to updating you all with the exciting news of our SHNL team for 2024 and we are looking forward to the season ahead.  

CENTRE NEWS: Marlborough Netball Centre - School Visits, written by Tina Lillie

For the past few years, our MNC school visits have been a big focus in the off season. Our region is spread across a large geographic area with approximately 30 schools. We like to make sure we connect with the more rural schools to ensure all kids have an opportunity at trying netball, as travel is often a barrier.

Our new Junior Coordinator Kim Stephens has been busy visiting Schools and running a junior taster program. The students are really enjoying the sessions, and this helps to create more interest in the futureFerns space. Sessions are run per class at the School, so all students are included.

The Youth Advisory Group from Mid Canterbury have put their creative skills together and come up with their own videos around their take on the new rules.  

Click here to watch!

You can see these and more on the Mid Canterbury website. Great mahi MCNC YAG!! 

Whistle or No Whistle in Woolworths futureFERNS - written by Lou Milne

Umpires are a vital component of the game of Netball ensuring the rules are applied fairly and consistently.  Quality umpiring can create a positive experience for both teams on the court. 

 Year 1 & 2 and Year 3 & 4 – NO WHISTLE 

The Year 1 & 2 Star Helper and Year 3 & 4 Coach assist the players with learning the rules on court during the game.  This person provides gentle instructions to keep the game moving and limit stoppages – we want to hear fun and laughter – not the whistle at this age group

 Year 5 & 6 and Year 7 & 8 – WHISTLE INTRODUCED 

The first time that umpires are introduced in Woolworths futureFERNS is at Year 5. 

Umpires at this level should: 

  • Be consistent, polite, and helpful to all players. 
  • Use simple language. 
  • Ensure the court and surrounds are safe for play.  
  • Apply modified rules to match the skill level and needs of participants. 
  • Promote FUN and enjoyment. 
  • Ensure the spirit of the game is not lost by the strict application of rules. 
  • Manage dangerous play and inappropriate behaviour. 
  • Attend relevant training programmes.  

Children are not mini-adults, and it is important to meet their needs, taking into consideration their physical, cognitive, and social abilities. Woolworths futureFERNS provides progressive development stages for players new to Netball. 

Woolworths futureFERNS is for the kids. It is all about having fun, learning new skills and developing a lifelong love of the game. 

Maggie Lloyd and Lynette Rayner - written by Marlborough Netball Centre

On Saturday 23rd February we had the honour of celebrating two members at the Netball New Zealand AGM.

Maggie Lloyd was presented with a NNZ Service Award. This award recognises an individual who has made a significant contribution to the game of netball.

Lynette Rayner was also accepted onto the NNZ Board which is a huge achievement.

We are very lucky to have two ladies with such great knowledge within our Marlborough Netball Centre. Thank you for your dedication to Netball.

A big Congratulations to Jasmine Cox - NNZ Youth (U21) Volunteer of the Year - Click here to read all about it.
Congratulations to Karin Burger - Silver Ferns Fan Favourite - Click here to read all about it.