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Icy strong winds were the order of the day on Tuesday 21 June when the Coopers Beach Bowling Club held the Doubtless Bay Pharmacy Any Combination Triples.

19 teams with players from Houhora, Oruru, Kerikeri, Okaihau, Kawakawa and the host club played four games of ten ends on wins, ends and points.

Ends were played instead of the usual time limit as there was a power shut down for most of the day.


1st: Christine Hodren, Tracey Kastelan, Colleen Twohill (Kerikeri)

4 wins, 28 ends, 57 points

2nd: Margaret Wildbore, Dennis Wishnowsky, Lindy Beaver (Coopers Beach)

4 wins, 21 ends, 51 points

3rd: Suzanne Taungahihifo, Garry Sparnon, Lyn Larkan (Coopers Beach)

3 ½ wins, 21 ends, 44 points

Good sports: Alan Bright, Bev Shand, Alan Parker (Coopers Beach)

Many thanks to our generous sponsors, Liz and Glenis in the kitchen, Trevor and his team for preparing the greens, bar staff and match committee.

Also grateful thanks to Trevor and Ken who provided generators to keep the toilets operating and the urn in the kitchen for the well needed cuppas.

The club’s AGM was held on the Sunday after this event with a good attendance.

2022 – 23 Executive:

President: Dennis Breckon

Vice President: Chrissy Drewery

Secretary: Kaye Daniels

Treasurer: Margaret Wildbore

Club Delegate: Suzanne Taungahihifo

Match Convenor: Margaret Wildbore

Indoor Committee Chairperson: Peter Wilson

Committee Members: Ken Smith, Jan Hickey, Carol Delamore

Social Representatives: Michelle Maurice, Greg Stanford

Green Superintendent: Trevor Smith

Selectors: Judy Olsson, Garry Pelling

Life membership was awarded to Jack Hughes for his dedication to the club over many years and also a Past President.

Next tournament: Carters Open Any Combination Classic Fours

Saturday 9th July

Mufti dress

Enter your team early as limited to 16 teams.

Entries to: Margaret Wildbore 09 406 1191

Or the Club 09 406 0330


Thirteen women’s teams who played on the top green and eight men’s teams on the bottom green contested for the Judy Von Sturmer Memorial and the Brian Wilson Memorial tournament at the Coopers Beach Bowling Club on Tuesday 7 June.

The open 2x4x2 pairs events attracted players from Far North RSA, Kaitaia Church Road, Houhora, Kerikeri and the host club.

After four games of one hour and 10 minutes the winners of the Judy Von Sturmer memorial trophy were:

1st: Tracey Kastelan, Penny Clementson (Kerikeri) 4 wins, 23 ends, 47 points

2nd: Kyra Rapana, Judy Olsson (Coopers Beach) 4 wins, 14 ends, 35 points

3rd: Margaret Wildbore, Sheryl Hetaraka (Coopers Beach) 3 wins, 20 ends, 42 points

Good Sports: Val Hall, Chrissy Drewery

The Brian Wilson memorial trophy was won by:

1st: Garry Pelling, Dennis Breckon (Coopers Beach) 4 wins, 20 ends, 40 points

2nd: Barrie Kinnear, Allen Larkan (Houhora, Coopers Beach) 3 wins, 21 ends, 55 points

3rd: Mike Bairstow, Ian Daniels (Coopers Beach) 3 wins, 15 ends, 33 points

Good Sports: Ken Smith, Frankiie Taungahihifo

Was great to see several of the women senior bowlers taking the juniors under their wing.

Thanks to Liz and Glenis in the kitchen, Trevor and his team for preparing the greens, bar staff and match committee and also the weather for holding off until play was completed.


The Coopers Beach Bowling held the last event of the 2020 – 21 summer season on Thursday 26 May staging a domestic tournament and annual prizegiving.

The Darby and Joan drawn mixed pairs attracted 36 members who played three games of one hour fifteen minutes on wins, ends, and points. Two games were played before a potluck lunch, followed by the final game.


1st: Garry Pelling, Sheryl Hetaraka 3 wins, 21 ends, 44 points

2nd: Jim Naylor, Carol Delamore 2 wins, 23 ends, 41 points

3rd: Pam Naylor, Ian Daniels 2 wins, 21 ends, 42 points

4th: Margaret Wildbore, Stu Pedersen 2 wins, 19 ends, 48 points

Good Sports: Garry Sparnon, Gaye Parker

The club championship winners were then recognised and presented with their trophies, badges and prizemoney. Then a new event, consistency singles, introduced this year by Judy Olsson and generously sponsored by Carol and Trevor Smith, which was run over several weeks in the players own time had their presentation.

1st: Kyra Rapana

2nd: Dennis Breckon

3rd: Garry Pelling

Best J5 Male: Allen Larkan

Best J5 Female: Lindy Beaver

The clubs most coveted awards were also presented.

Suzanne Taungahihifo and Rene Moorby being named the most improved players.

The peter Wilson trophy for J5 player of the year went to Allen Larkan and the Ross Hulme trophy for Player of the year to Garry Pelling who won the Champ Singles, Triples and Fours and also had several Bowls Far North achievements over the season.

The treasured Barry Pridham trophy, decided by the President, which is not simply about bowls but also recognises the recipient’s contribution to the club was presented to Chrissy Drewery.

All who were involved on the day were thanked especially Janine and her helpers in the kitchen for preparing the lunch and the reliable Eileen and Brian for polishing trophies.

The Coopers Beach Bowling Club introduced a new domestic tournament into their club programme this year – shirts versus skirts which was sponsored by the Taipa Tavern.

There were five men’s teams of triples and one of pairs and four women’s teams of triples and two of pairs.

Four games if one hour ten  minutes were played on wins, ends and points, with two back to back, lunch and then two more back to back, with the triples playing two bowls and the pairs three bowls.

The results at the end of the day were:

1st: Kyra Rapana, Sheryl Hetaraka, Carol Delamore with 3 ½ wins, 25 ends and 41 points

2nd: Garry Pelling, Stu Pedersen, Jeff Hickey with 3 wins, 18 ends and 35 points

3rd: Sue Smith, Anne-Marie Robinson with 2 ½ wins, 21 ends and 37 pointts

There were also prizes for the next best three men’s and women’s teams plus several novelty prizes drawn on tickets all players were given at the start of play.

The men took bragging rights for this inaugural event with a tally of 12 ½ wins to 11 ½ wins, but was noted that the women had 134 ends to 108 and 209 points to 208.

A great day was had by all with plenty of joking, ribbing and laughter.

Many thanks to Kyra and Doug for organising this event and a special thank you to Carol for her generous sponsorship.

This event was a week later with the Geards Funeral Services open any combination triples on Tuesday 24 May in which twelve teams participated with the only visitors being a team from Kaitaia Church Road.

Four games of one hour ten minutes were played on wins, ends and points with two back to back, lunch supplied by the club and two more games back to back.

Results: All Coopers Beach teams

1st: Garry Pelling, Ken and Sue Smith 4 wins, 16 ends, 35 points

2nd: Ross Hulme, Val Hall, Barbara Scahill 3 ½ wins, 21 ends, 41 points

3rd: Geoff Laird, Kyra Rapana, John Rapana 3 ½ wins, 17 ends, 44 points

Good sports: Judy Olsson, Boe Olsson, Anne-Marie Robinson

Many thanks to Geards for their generous sponsorship, Trevor and his team for preparing the green, bar staff and match committee.

Very special thanks to Heather and Miriam who prepared the lunch of ham, chicken, potatoes and salads and afternoon tea of cheesecake, fruit salad and ice cream.


The Coopers Beach Bowling Club staged its Mixed Pairs Championships last week after a local power shut down forced the cancellation the week before.

Played in pleasant conditions, 14 teams played four games of one hour, with the results being on wins, ends and points.

The top four qualifiers, who progressed to the sudden death rounds of 45 minutes were:

Margaret Wildbore and Trevor Smith 3 wins, 23 ends, 39 points

Geoff Laird and Kyra Rapana 3 wins, 22 ends, 44 points

Garry Pelling and Anne-Marie Robinson 3 wins, 22 ends, 34 points

Suzanne and Frankie Taungahihifo 3 wins 21 ends 41 points

Margaret and Trevor eliminated Suzanne and Frankie 9 – 6, while Geoff and Kyra ended Garry and Anne- Marie’s day 7 – 3.

Geoff and Kyra went on to win the final, not without a fight, 10 – 3

A great day was had by all and there were some excellent bowls played.  


Doubtless Bay Dental​​​​​​​


24 members put their names forward to play the Coopers Beach Bowling Club’s Gold Coast Mixed Drawn Triples domestic tournament on Good Friday to play 4 games of 1 hour 10 minutes.

With a late withdrawal, instead of 8 teams of triples, the format was changed to 7 teams playing 2 bowl triples and a team playing 3 bowl pairs.

It was a good friendly relaxing day with the results being:

1st: Judy Olsson, Dave Roughton, Carol Delamore

4 wins, 26 ends, 43 points

2nd: Pam Naylor, Denis Hailey, Jan Hickey

3 ½  wins, 27 ends, 46 points

Good Sports: Val Hall, Gaye Parker, Julia Webber

24 teams with players from Kaitaia Church Road, Far North RSA, Kerikeri and the host club competed in the Doubtless Bay Dental sponsored Jim Curry any combination 2x4x2 pairs at the Coopers Beach Bowling Club on Saturday 9 April.

4 games of one hour 15 minutes on wins, ends and points were played in pleasant conditions with 12 teams on each green and changing greens after lunch.


1st: Kyra and John Rapana (Coopers Beach)

4 wins, 24 ends, 44 points

2nd: Anne Lomas and Lloyd Matthews (FNRSA)

4 wins, 22 ends, 41 points

3rd: Margaret Wildbore and Trevor Smith (Coopers Beach)

4 wins, 19 ends, 41 points

Good Sports: Sharleen and Bos Lundon (Kaitaia Church Road)

Many thanks to our generous sponsor, Trevor and his team  for preparing the greens, match committee, Jan and Jeff in the kitchen, bar staff and all who entered. 


​​​​​​​J1-J5 Pairs

The Coopers Beach Bowling staged its J1 – J5 Championship pairs on Tuesday / Wednesday 5 / 6 April, with three teams contesting the men’s event and five the women’s playing a two life system of three bowls, 18 ends or one and three quarter hours, with no time limit for the final / possible final.

By the end of the third round all the men’s teams had had a bye which left Ian Daniels and Allen Larkan the only two lifer to play Jeff Bell and Rene Moorby in a possible final. Ian got away to a flying start, with excellent lead bowls from Allen, and never looked back to take out the title 22 – 9. The other team entered was Richard Rowbotham and Brian Preston.

The women were down to three teams after the third round with Suzanne Taungahihifo and Val Herzog the only two lifer to receive a bye into the possible final the next day. In the fourth game Lindy Beaver and Chrissy Drewery battled it out against Kaye Daniels and Lyn Larkan to go through. This was a close game with Kaye taking it out 14 – 10.

The possible final on Wednesday morning saw Suzanne ahead 8 – 3 after 6 ends and 9 – 6 after 10 ends. The final score being 16 – 12 to Suzanne and Val.

Others to compete were Helen Bailey and Julia Webber; and Sheryl Hetaraka and Lynella Upton – Moorby.

Congratulations to the winners and all who participated.

Thanks to Trevor for preparing the green, match committee and all who came along to watch and support the up and coming bowlers who all played excellent bowls, with all games being played in good spirits.