It's great that you're interested in developing your child's sporting interests while at school. The purpose we see for sport at Cornerstone Christian School is to encourage the development of sport as a Godly pursuit impacting...

  • children’s physical development of their bodies that God has created.
  • children’s spiritual development, in doing their best for God.
  • children’s mental development, in learning to make right, instant decisions.
  • children’s spatial development, in being aware of things happening around them, to others and to themselves.
  • community building.

CCS Sports Code of Conduct

Players, Parents and spectators supporting Cornerstone Christian School are expected to uphold the school values at all times...

  • Kindness - helping others, showing concern
  • Integrity - honesty in game play, to each other and to opposition
  • Diligence - in practice and training, etc
  • Respect - for coach, for each other, for God.
  • Humility - happy whether winning or losing, accepting decisions.