Extra-Curricular Sport placement Policy

Cornerstone is not a large school but does have over half its students playing organised sport in any given year.

When placing students into teams we consider a wide range of needs for each year including Tournament teams, Social needs (an important focus), number of players, coach, and so on. We do our best to meet everybody's needs. If you want more information about your child's placement see Jannell Eades.

We try to accommodate all students into CCS teams, however, sometimes this is not possible so we have created this procedure to ensure that all children are catered for...

  1. We ask our children who would like to play an Extra-Curricular sport or sports.*
  2. We confirm with the parents that the children are able/allowed** to play the sport/s they have chosen.
  3. From this list we form Cornerstone teams***, and assign coaches (which have sometimes already been prearranged)
  4. If the numbers**** don't allow us to form a Cornerstone team, we ask the children if they would like to play a different Extra-Curricular sport for Cornerstone, again confirming with the parents that they are able/allowed to play.
  5. If any child cannot be accommodated in a team because we are unable to form it and they really want to play the sport they originally selected, they will be given the option of going to our Sports Coordinator, Jannell Eade, who will make contact with the governing body, or another Primary or Secondary School, so that the child can play the sport they are keen on. Once initial contact is made it will be up to the parents to liaise with the other school.
  6. The Principal, Peter Ferrar, will sign a letter that allows the child to play for that school in the local Competition. No child can have a letter signed who opted out at step 1 or 2.

There may be consequences from adhering to this procedure...

  • Due to our small size, sometimes our teams will have children of varying abilities.
  • Because we are a Christian School, sometimes people will look at us from a different world-view.
  • Sometimes, we may find ourselves in a completely new sporting situation.

All these scenarios, and more, create a great opportunity for children (and adults) to put into place our Cornerstone Values: Integrity, Kindness, Respect, Diligence and Humility.

* For children to play at representative level, they generally have to play for their school.

** Cost and Time are the main factors parents are consulted before we begin to form our teams.

*** At this stage we do our best to form teams. The reason why we must have a commitment from the child to play for the school is simply to ensure that all children at Cornerstone Christian School can have the opportunity of playing in an Extra-Curricular sports team. If children opted to play for another school, it could mean that other children, who wanted to play for Cornerstone in a particular sport may not have a team to play in. In a small school, this is a very real possibility.

**** There are 2 scenarios here; sometimes there are not enough children and sometimes there are too many. eg we could form 1 team but not quite 2.

CCS Extra-Curricular Sports Awards Criteria

Summer Sports Awards will take place at the end of Term 1 (including the previous Term 4 players) Winter Sports Awards will take place at the end of Term 3 each year.

Children who pay and play extra-curricular sports for the school are the only recipients of these awards.

There are 3 or 4 awards given for each team that plays a sport, summer or winter.

Most Valuable Player - The person who illustrates highly skilled play within the team.

Most Improved Player - The person who has improved the most throughout the season.

Sportsmanship - The player who exhibits good sportsmanship in the game.

Player of the Year - The player who best encompasses the school values of...

  • Kindness - helping others, showing concern
  • Integrity - honesty in game play, to each other and to opposition
  • Diligence - in practice and training, etc
  • Respect - for coach, for each other, for God.
  • Humility - happy whether winning or losing, accepting decisions.

There are also more than 24 trophies. We try to ensure that children receive only one trophy per year and do not receive the same trophy two years in a row. (though both can happen)

  • Player of the Year - chosen from the nominated players of the year in a variety of age groups and sports
    • Hockey - Mini (Y1/2), Junior (Y3-6), Intermediate (Y7/8), Senior (Y9)
    • Netball - Junior, Senior (Y7+)
    • Football - Girls Summer League
    • Volleyball - Junior, Senior (Y9+)
    • Basketball - Junior, Senior (Y7+)
  • Overall Junior (Y1-6), Intermediate (Y7/8) and Senior (Y9+) Boy and Girl.
    • Criteria is weighted as per the order below (highest weighting at the top)
      • positive commitment to CCS sports teams
      • inter-school event placing
      • representative honours
      • school event placing (particularly cross country and swimming. Athletics has some weighting if it is close but is too far out from the sports awards to be considered strongly)
  • Team Awards
    • One team from each sport which have either achieved highly or have done both God and CCS proud in their commitment, conduct and contribution to Out of School Sport.
      • Hockey
      • Netball
      • Touch Rugby
      • Volleyball
      • Basketball
      • Summer Hockey may be included this year
  • Coach of the Year
    • Adult - All our coaches are awesome but this award is for a nominated coach who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.
    • Student - This is to acknowledge one of our growing number of awesome student coaches.

Payment and Registration

Before children can play for a Cornerstone sports team they need to have paid their contribution that has been worked out for a team to enter a competition or event before it starts. From this point we then enter teams based on the number of paid up children. If people are unable to pay the full amount they have been asked for before the commencement of the competition the child will be withdrawn from the team they have been entered in. Once full payment is made they can rejoin the team.

We prefer registration and payment to be done at the same time. You can pay cash, eftpos or though Internet Banking.

Cornerstone Christian School Banking details...

02-0727-0154852-00 Please put name and Sport.