We are a non profit organisation and rely on hockey fees for the club to run successfully.

Contact your team coach and or manager for more details.  Alternatively you can contact Federal Hockey committee member Matt McGlinchey on


Annual Federal Subscriptions 2022

The Federal Hockey Committee met in late March and agreed the Annual Subscriptions for 2022.​​​​​​​ They are as follows:

Hockey Subscriptions 2022FULLUmpire FeeDiscounted Subs
Open Player (Seniors - Div. 3 and above)$300.00$30.00$300.00
Open Player (Secondary Sch. - Div. 3 and above)$195.00$15.00$195.00
Secondary School Player (Div. 4 and below)$195.00$0.00$175.00
Primary School Player $165.00$0.00$150.00

Family Discount (10% Reduction)

Open Player (Seniors - Div. 3 and above)$270.00$30.00$270.00
Open Player (Secondary Sch. - Div. 3 and above)$175.00$15.00$175.00
Secondary School Player $175.00$0.00$160.00
Primary School Player Div. 4 and below)$150.00$0.00$135.00

Committee Member$100.00 reduction
Coach50% reduction
Life MemberNo Fees

14 Games in Season

Open Casual (per Game)$25.00

Secondary Casual (per Game)$13.00

Primary Casual (per Game)$10.00

While the subs have not increased for the 10th year in a row there are a few things to note.

1. There is no longer an early discount for early payment. The subs are set at the discounted value.

2. Annual Subscriptions will be sent out in mid-April via your coach. If you do not feel the amount is correct, please contact me in the first instance.

3. You will need to pay your subs by the 15th May.

4. No pay no play. However, if you contact me and arrange a payment plan you can continue to play.

5. Please pay the subs in full and then contact me directly if you feel you are entitled to a discount. The family discount is one that is easily missed given I am not sure off family dynamics etc. Family discounts are available to families with a child/children and/or parents who play, and live together, at the same address. It is not intended for adult children.

If you have not paid subs from last year, you will not be allowed to play until these are paid in full.

Again, any questions please contact me directly.

Have a great season.


Matt McGlinchey

Federal Treasurer

027 30 29 177