So you or your child has decided they are serious about BMX?

We are all about SAFETY first

If you're just starting out you're not going to have all the latest gear, but you need to wear stuff to keep you in one piece.

To race on a club night you will need:

Helmet – A MUST!  

You won't be allowed on the track without a helmet. Helmets can be hired at the club for $2.00Long sleeved Shirt – elbows covered, and should be tucked inLong pants, preferably a heavy fabric, old jeans are good but need to be tucked into socks or taped around your ankles. They will end up in your chain otherwise.Shoes and Socks - Real shoes and do them up firmly, socks help protect your ankles if you crash!Gloves -Your hands will be the first thing to hit the ground when you lose it, and yes you will fall off, everyone does!  Gloves can be hired at the club for $2.00

Remember If someone in charge at the track asks you to change what you're wearing - don't argue with them.They've seen what wearing incorrect clothing can do, and probably don't want to spend lots of time picking bits of you off the track!

All riders under 7 years must wear elbow guards and knee/shin guards, please ensure your rider has the following:

All riders coming at any BMX event must wear, please ensure your rider has the following: