Register to Coach

Coaching is very rewarding and is a great way to contribute to your community, give back to the game, and to meet others who share a common passion for the game. 

Coaches for teams of all grades are always needed in rugby clubs and schools.  Even if you have not coached before, you will:

  • Receive coaching support from your club or school.
  • Be able to attend free coaching courses run by HBRU.
  • Receive coaching resources from your rugby club or school.
  • Have access to the NZ Rugby coaching resources in the Online Coaching Toolbox.

As a coach, you will be required to attend either a RugbySmart Injury Prevention presentation (if you are coaching players aged 13 or above) or a SmallBlacks Coaching Course (if you are coaching players aged 12 and under). 

Click on the link below to register as a Coach! 


Rugby Smart

Whos is Rugby Smart for? 
- All referees 
- Senior Club Rugby coaches
- Secondary School coaches
- Representative coaches

In order to complete a referee or coach registration, both referees and coaches of players 13 years and older must now complete an online RugbySmart module and must also attend a practical RugbySmart session.

The course consist of 3 easy steps:

Step 1 - Register to be a coach.

Step 2 - You will then be directed to a quiz, please complete this.

Step 3 - Attend any one of the practical or online sessions.

​​​​​​​If you have any questions feel free to email [email protected], we look forward to seeing you soon!

There are heaps of resources on the RugbySmart webpage, click the link below to explore. 


Small Blacks 

Whos is Rugby Smart for? 
- Junior coaches 
All Junior coaches must attend a Small BlacksCourse in the year you are registered to coach. These courses are run by the Hawke's Bay Rugby Union's Rugby Development Officers. 

The SmallBlacks Development Model was developed to ensure that there is a consistency of playing, coaching and player welfare at all levels throughout the country.  

Small Blacks Rugby helps players develop their rugby skills as their physical ability develops, making the game as simple and safe as possible for all Kiwi children, regardless  of their age, shape or size. The experiences they have during this time will shape their future involvement in the game – setting them up for a lifelong love of the game

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